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  1. Hi just thought id drop you a line as I'm considering a breast revision with Dr Mark Lee. He will be doing a revision lift and replacement of implants. Can i ask if you were happy with his work and can i ask how his stitching was. Ive had 2 previous surgeries with a surgeon but im a bit hesistant to go back to him. Thanks very much :-) Kylie

  2. I wasn't able to have a proper shower for 7 days until my tapes were off? I had BA AND BL, I would certainly be advised by your surgeon. Incisions aren't closed as 2 days post op, you're at high risk of infection if your bandages aren't 100% water proof, which hardly any are! Good luck X
  3. Hey Hun all this isn't stating is that a lift and implants is a major impact on your body. He wants to make sure you are comfortable with the scars and risk of this surgery. I would not worry, as long as you are confident in your surgeons abilities, he is just asserting you. X
  4. Spoke to them today. She said the same thing. Not a hematoma and is just blood/bruise coming to the surface. It'll resolve itself. Thank God!!! The idea of surgery again kills me slowly!!! Lol
  5. Yeah I had XHP just enabled me to have a more projecting implant with more cc's, I previously had 450cc with the same base diamiter.
  6. Thanks Cj This feeling is so scary ahh! I have 620cc XHP. Any questions feel free to ask Xx
  7. I'm 10 days post op a breast lift. I always had ALOT of bruising on my right breast as more work was done to do a scar revision and re lift. Initially I had virtually no pain. It's not been until the past 2 days I have noticed my right breast has a little hot hard spot where my bruising was extensive. I'm not sure if this is just the softness from the bruising or if it could be a heatoma. I'm not on any pain medications but it's sore enough to need something. I will be Cali g my PS tomorrow. But if anyone could shed some light, it would be amazing! Pictures: 1. 1 day post op. VERY bruised. 2. After bandages off Tuesday (8 days post op) 3. Tonight
  8. I went with mark and have 620cx XHP. Feel free to add me X
  9. I've heard he does good breast reductions as I had a client who had one from him. Unfortunately I don't know anything other then that X
  10. We just have to be realistic on what can and can't be achieved with or without scars, that's all.
  11. Does anyone know how many weeks after BL it's safe to swim in a chlorinated pool? My my dressings come off tomorrow (1 week post op), but my little one does swimming lessons once a week. Hoping I don't have to take too much time off :/
  12. I had a lollipop breast lift done on the 8th Feb, I have existing implants. Not sure if i have to use the post of bra for 6-8 weeks like with implants? I haven't gotten out of it since surgery but just unsure?? X
  13. I would see both. I saw dr.Cuneen's Q&A of a person on here who CLEARLY needed a lift and he said not needed to avoid scars.. that put me off. But I would go in with a picture of realistic expectations to both and have feedback. That way a few months post op your not looking at revision cause you didn't spend an extra couple hundred on receiving more than one opinion. Good luck. X
  14. Hi Hun, I have I just got a relift due to an infection on my right, so he lifted both breasts again. Feel feel to add me to view pics xx
  15. You will get a Medicare number.. This may or may not pay for the whole procedure. If it does cover it then your private health will also pay for your hospital and anethatist etc. I've seen Mark Lee and he is great. Good luck X
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