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    BA with Dr. Mark Lee 03/07/2015
    450cc Mentor Round Mod Plus Sub Muscular
    21yrs, 175cm, 55kg
    10B Pre-op (not measured properly)
    8G/H Post-op at 4 Months

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  1. I have the same stats as you and went 450cc and am really happy with my decision. I'm a G/H at 4 months post op which sounds huge I know, but I look like an E max. It's true what everyone says about D or DD really not being that big, and if you're tossing up between sizes definitely go with the larger!
  2. I went through Mark send me a friend request and you'll be able to see my photos
  3. I'm a little shorter than you at 175cm but also have a long torso, if you send me a FR you'll be able to see my pics I went 450cc mod plus starting out at a 10B and am an 8G at 2 months post op
  4. We have almost identical stats, if you send me a friend request you'll be able to see all my photos i went with 450cc mod plus unders 2 months ago.
  5. Yes one of those people who posted was me! these are the tops: http://cottonon.com/AU/p/cotton-on-women/essi-l%2Fslvtop/2023764401935.html#sz=48&start=49 they come in a couple of colours, and we're honestly the best tops for my first week post op
  6. lwiz


    I'm an 8G and found Myer the best for buying bras in odd sizes because it can be really hard to shop online with new boobs when you don't really know what cuts/styles work with your implants
  7. I bought the Triangl Chloe set in XL top and it is way too small for me, barely covers my nipples and I have crazy amounts of under boob im a 10F though so I think I'm going to have to just start looking at the F cup sized swimwear by Freya and Seafolly. Here I was thinking getting my boobs done would make shopping easier!
  8. I tried on 400cc in my consult and thought they looked huge, but just before surgery I got scared of boob greed so I up sized to 450cc. At 7 weeks post op I'm an 8G but in clothes look like a C/D and am pretty happy
  9. Yep feel your pain! I'm an 8G so it's impossible to find bras let alone bikinis. I'm restricted to bathers which have back ties and a tie behind the neck, anything non adjustable is a no go because I have a small waist but I need the bikini cups to be a size XL or 14/16 i think if I want to try and find bikinis which aren't the string type I'll try somewhere online that has a good returns policy
  10. I'm 6 weeks post op my surgeon actually helped me a lot with figuring out what I wanted because I started out with wanting something that was unrealistic with my body, I would definitely say try and find a surgeon who you trust
  11. If you go back about 4 pages in the forum there was a topic discussing surgeons in Perth Also check out the Mark Lee girls and tony Connell girls threads. i know two people who went through Dr. Anh and are very happy but I've never read anything on here about her. I went through Mark Lee and am over the moon with my results
  12. I have similar stats to you, I went 450cc and straight after surgery was measuring at a 10F, then after the swelling went down I came down to a 10E, and at 6 weeks I'm back at a 10F and definitely still feel like i'm getting bigger. What size did you tell you surgeon you wanted to end up?
  13. mycosmeticjourney I know you're probably sick of hearing this but yours look amazing!! I have a bit of asymmetry which i'm hoping over time starts to look better and not worse, top is 1 week and bottom is 6 weeks.
  14. lwiz

    JULY 2015

    I bought one of the bras n things complete comfort removable wire bras which I've been wearing to work everyday, but at 6 weeks PO I'm busting out of the 10E so I'm going to have to try and find some other brands which go up to a 10F which don't look like nanna bras!
  15. lwiz

    JULY 2015

    Soren yours look sort of like mine! My right one was a lot more sore than my left for the first few weeks
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