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  1. I had my BA in August 2015 under Dr Miroshnik (went from an A to a DD) and since then have had extremely hypersensitive and dry nipples! Initially, this didn't bother me as I thought it would improve over time however I am now over 1 year post op and I feel like they are getting worse. My left nipple is the worst and appears to be dry and cracked??? I have been moisturising every day and have not been wearing any clothes that rub against the nipples. I am just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if they have any tips for me??? Ant help would be much appreciated
  2. I am 6 weeks post op and had what looked like a small pimple on the far edge of my incision line. It much have rubbed on my clothing and popped last night. A small amount of pus came out followed by some clear oozing. I assume this is a spitting stitch but cannot see or feel a stich. This is a site where I have had to trim back stitches post op. It is not hot, no longer oozing, but slightly red. I am waiting to call my PS office this morning but am just wondering if anyone else has had something like this? And was it anything to worry about?
  3. I had my surgery with dr M last month and couldn't be happier. You girls are in great hands, you'll be so happy with your results x
  4. Hi Girls, I am two weeks post-op and my right breast still appears higher and more swllen and sore than my left. This has been the case since day 1. I am aware this is considered normal I am just wondering are others experiencing this and feeling the same? when has this resolved for others? Are here are some people who have not had this resolve at all? I am always in a rush for everything but just need to put my mind at ease. Thanks
  5. Sagittarius

    August 2015

    Hi Pepper I can't believe you're still sick?!?! Glad work is fine... I came back yesterday and took it easy but had no choice today but to work hard and fast and am also doing overtime so have an 18 hour shift which isn't really helpful. I was in a lot of pain yesterday after work but don't feel too bad today even though I have power walked 12kms during the course of the day. Right boob still firm and saw and I guess the only reason I am worried is because I have been having to do so much more physically than u would like. There's no obvious swelling, bruising, bleeding etc so I guess it's fine? but I still worry as I don't want to stuff anything up.
  6. Sagittarius

    August 2015

    initially my nipples were sometimes painful and sometimes numb but for the past few days they have been really painful and the slightest brush against them or run with clothing is so painful. Also had my first day back at work today and am so sore. Do any of you girlsfind that one breast is much firmer and more sore than the other? I feel like my right breast looks the same however feels more firm and always constantly sore/I am aware of some tightness happening there whereas I have little to no problems with the left even though it has a bigger implant.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear how unhappy you are And what's going on in your personal life is not much better I would suggest having all communication with this doctor either recorded or in written form (I.e email). You should have been given a copy of your ore op paperwork that you signed which includes terms and conditions. I would read through this carefully. I am not experienced in this really but can't help to think he neglected his duty of care and didn't enable you to make an informed decision prior to your surgery. Which is not good on his part.
  8. I'm am so sorry to hear this shygirl79 I know you must be going through so many emotions but it important to remember that having to have this ultrasound good be a blessing in disguise for you, especially with your mothers history. And your health is so important! i am hoping for the best for you and that you can go ahead with your dream surgery as you have always wanted and that this is just a minor speedbump sent to you to keep you on your toes. Whatever is meant to be will be darling x
  9. Sagittarius

    August 2015

    Hi kateee, Don't worry too much love. It's the fear of the unknown. Personally, I found the pain to be fm different to anything I had ever experienced however very bearable and very easy to manage. I would recommend taking your pain relief regularly the day of surgery and at least one day post op then gradually weaning off as you feel comfortable doing so. At first you're going to think that 2 weeks of is not enough however I can honestly say, after 1 week off, I am very confident to go back to my relatively physical job on Monday and am not expecting to be too heavily impacted. In regards to sleep, the pain relief/general anesthetic will help you sleep the first couple of nights then after that shouldn't be too bad as your body is in recovery mode and will crave the sleep. I was also hesitant about sleeping upright but, similar pepper9, I set myself up with 2 normal pillows, a boomerang pillow and a travel pillow to support my neck and stop me falling to either side. Surprisingly didn't have any problems and I seem to have trained myself well and am having no issues sleeping on my back and not rolling side to side as I normally would. Try not to stress yourself too much, I found the lead up to surgery much more stressful than the reality of it and the recovery.
  10. Sagittarius

    August 2015

    Hi pepper9, i have some feeling in my upper breast but absolutely none in my lower breast. Have just gotten feeling. Back in my nipples over the last few days also. It's very normal apparently.
  11. Sagittarius

    August 2015

    Have any of you girls who have had surgery driven yet? I am day 8 post op tomorrow and am wanting to drive about 5kms to see my mum, in a manual car.
  12. Sagittarius

    August 2015

    Sorry to hear about your epic post-op eating ordeal emilycharlotte. Sounds horrendous but very nomral lol. I hope you're feeling much better today! and I'm so glad to hear you're not in pain. Because I have a high pain threshold (or so I thought) I was not worried about post-op pain but omg the day of and day after surgery were so bad I was not expecting that at all. The doctor said it was because I had huge pec muscles which were quite deep so there was a lot of playing around there. My surgery was at 3.30 in the afternoon and I was so hungry leading up to it I kept planning all the things I was going to eat afterwards, however, when i woke up I felt so nauseated I couldn't think of anything worse than food and didn't end up eating until lunch time the following day. It's not day 7 for me post op and the past two days I have felt like I have done loads of dips and that someone has tied a big, heavy band around my chest. Boobs are also very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and drinks which is a bizarre sensation lol. I can happily say that I return to most nomral activities (cooking, cleaning, hairwashing, dressing in clothes that i put over my head etc.) on day 4 post op and am much looking forward to going back to work next week as it has been killing me sitting at home as i am usually such a busy and active person. I hope the rest of your recovery is smooth. Your pictures look amazing, you should be thrilled. Keep us updated.
  13. I got unders last Friday and was by myself in the days following surgery with no problems. Don't stress
  14. Sagittarius

    August 2015

    Hi Katb95 Im in the same boat as you so done stress. I felt horrendous for 3 days post op. Then great on Tuesday, Wednesday did a lot more activities and then today was prepared to feel even better...but no. I went out to do some things and was exhausted and could barely function with pain on and off during the day (particularly the sides and underneath) so have just been resting the rest of the afternoon and hoping to feel better again tomorrow as I have a lot of work to do at home over the next few days before returning to work on Monday. Lets just hope we have good recovering sleeps tonight and feel better tomorrow x
  15. Hi Martina067, I am completely empathetic with you. I went through all these emotions then had my surgery last week. I think your natural breasts are lovely. I was a similar size and shape before surgery and was never really self conscious or unhappy with my natural breasts however felt that I would feel HAPPIER with my body if they were larger as they were slightly different sizes and I felt it would balance me out a little bit more and make me feel more confident with my body. I know a lot of people feel very self conscious with their bodies and having the surgery was a must in order for them to be happy with themselves. This was not the case with me and this made the choice even harder as people close to me could not understand why I was doing it. I have always loved the look and wished to have D cup breasts but never had the funds, the time or the courage to look into surgery...until this year. After 6 months of contemplation I got the courage to have a consultation and has jokingly brought this up with my partner who seemed okay at the time with the idea of me getting the implants. He came to the consult with me and together we decided on a size (I wanted bigger he wanted smaller because he thought I looked silly with too big). I still wasn't sure if I was going to go ahead with the surgery and was constantly checking that he approved as one of my main concerns was that he wouldn't like my body or would think of me differently. Eventually we both decided I should have the surgery so I booked and paid for it and as the time approached we spoke less and les about it and I began to obsess on the idea that he was uncomfortable with me doing this and maybe thought differently of me. I was so excited about the surgery and tried not to worry too much. Then the big day came. It felt like time was dragging then all of a sudden it was the day and i felt like I needed more time. Boyfriend had agreed to take me to the surgery (which was last week) and on the day it was very awkward between us and I still felt like he was uncomfortable with the idea as he kept making comments about me having "a different body" and when I asked how he felt about it he would say that he couldn't make a comment on that until afterwards and until he had seen them. I felt like initially he was so supportive and encouraged the idea, now it was really happening and he was so distant when I really needed him. He dropped me off and seemed not fussed that I was having surgery. It really put me off, almost to the point where I was going to cancel the surgery on the day. I began worrying about lots of things and questioning myself. Worrying that I would not like the results and I would regret getting the surgery and would I not look like me anymore. While waiting to go into the surgery I called my mum crying and told her I don't want to do it because I was scared and didn't know if it was a good idea or not as it would not effect my quality of life either way. Anyway, my mum said that if i was so keen and excited initially it was probably just the nerves setting in before hand and I just had to do what I though was right. I remembered how excited I had been and how much research, work and money I had put into this and decided to go ahead (still reluctantly). After the surgery I can gladly say that I am so happy I made the decision to go ahead. have felt not too bad. The man has been much more caring and supportive that I initially thought he would be and now seems much more comfortable with the surgery (shame he wasn't like this beforehand) and most importantly, I still look and feel like me! My body looks the same, just better. I don't look fake or out of proportion or silly. I just look exactly the way I wanted to. Its natural to feel scared and question yourself as you are making a big decision but at the end of the day if it makes you happy, you can afford it and your well informed then go ahead! I think you look great the way you are but I think you would also look great with the implants, Your man is probably just unsure of the unknown but he sounds very supportive so I say go ahead and he will be fine once its all over and done with. x
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