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  1. Im also keen. This thread looks quite old so not sure if this lady is still around?
  2. ohh thats no good. He was on my list for a consult. I only saw Greensmith for a consult and minor plastic procedure which I am not entirely happy with..
  3. My cousin is due to have rhino with him for mega ENT issues. but I havent heard of him on this forum. The only ENT feedback I have heard is from Kleid? Anyone know anything about him? Shes not much into research..
  4. even so medicare only coveres about 1500 of the item costs and hosp stay. the rest is surgeon fee and thats not claimable. i was told by a friend though that you can claim the expense on tax?? cause its over the threshold.
  5. Hi Stevey, Yeh he does look on his website andrewgreensmithrhinoplasty.com.au he has a few on there. I saw him a few days ago he was really lovely. First consult however so will want another opinion. Price was quite higher then I was expecting. Anyone been to Dr Mendleson in Toorak?
  6. Nossiiee can you PM me your primary? Hes is in melb yeh?
  7. I have had botox at elita cosmetics in glenroy. lady is a doctor who went on further shes lovely. contemplating juv but she told me there is swelling for a few days that is noticable. Anyone thats had it is it really that noticable? thats the only thing stopping me. eeeek
  8. Yeh you can get in to southwick earlier if I want to book your surgery date first.. then you get on the cancellation list and they make sure you see the surgeon before the surgery.. Im not that keen on booking my surgery with a surgeon I have never met. Have an appointment with greensmith next month will most likely just go on the waitlist for southwick depending on what greensmith says.
  9. yay thats great news. So greensmith did your septum but hes not an ENT? can you PM me the cost. I saw his collegue for a quote.
  10. Nossiieee can you PM me the surgeon. It says your inbox is too full to recieve anymore messages. I tent to be the same way. I rather spend more in the first instance but then again there is nothing that means paying more will get me a better job. I can only go by the research and reviews from what others have said.
  11. Hey Guys, I am looking to find out who is both a ENT & Plastic. So far only southwick is what I can come up with. Had an appointment with his nurse and the waitlist is til Oct 2014 just to see him. Unless I want to book surgery without even seeing him.. Anyway I have been told that Kleid is ENT but not plastic?? Southwicks nurse told me to be careful of getting plastics done by an ENT only as she has seen a lot of botch jobs come in for revision. SO I am hesitant. I was just thinking tip and dorsal hump but the nurse thinks I have a deviated septum so I dunno.. I was planning on seeing Kleid, Southwick and Carlisle. If anyone knows any others please let me know. Negative feedback is always appreciated as well. PM me if you need to.
  12. Hey guys I saw southwicks nurse today and he is booked out til oct 2014.. Unless you decide to have surgery without even seeing then they will wait list you for a earlier consult. He is both ENT and plastic. I am also looking for another surgeon who does both. Kleid only is ENT.
  13. Thanks city girl! So what's in just the consult? I wanted to see kleid cause was ENT and cosmetic in case I have structural and want plastic too. Dorsal hump and tip
  14. Ohh that's exciting. Did you get all it scans done before? Stephen kleids office wants me to get everything ready for the 1st consult. 500$ is a bit exp?? I'm also thinking of greensmith
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