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  1. sorry i have no pictures yet, my bwd is 10.5 and i am about 5.2 I wouldn't go to crazy with post op bras, I brought one before hand but I wont be able to wear it because its the wrong size (i brought a medium but I'm still a small).. you may better off waiting until you get measured for your post op bra so you know what size to get..
  2. Im sorry to hear you guys had a bad night ... keep up the heat packs. Iv been tucking mine into the top of my bra lol. It helps especially at night. I woke up feeling pretty ordinary. My butt was all numb and sore lol and my boobs were painful. I went for a short walk to get coffee ( the vibration of walking was a bit painful) I had two panedine fort and now im feeling fine I had my first shower and im absolutely in love with my boobs. Dr Kenny did an amazing job. I got 285xhp (it was pretty much the biggest I could get due to my small breast width) it was exactly the look I was after
  3. Haha me too.... I am starting to feel the drugs from surgery wearing off... heat packs are doing wonders
  4. Hi guys, i had my appointment at 9 this morning. It was all over so quickly. It feels like im sore from a chest workout and there is something heavy resting on my chest. No pain just uncomfortable. In saying that it is still earlier days. I can't use my arms all that well and im 100 % alert, not drowsy at all Im glad ur surgery went well GingerT
  5. Thanks jemma090 ... today is the day eeek?
  6. Please add me too...im also the 3rd of July Gingert, your not the only one... I am up and down as well.. super excited atm though
  7. Hey I'm also booked in on the 3rd of July with the same surgeon... there is a lady on here that had a BA in May with him..check out the may monthly thread!
  8. Sorry, still learning how to use this forum. I think I have sent it now lol
  9. Awesome thanks for letting me know, ill check them out... I'm sorry to hear about ur implant not dropping, I hope its not to painful... was is something they picked up at your check up?
  10. Hi Jules Thanks for sharing. I glad your liked ur experience with TCI We have very similar stats, im booked in with tci on 3rd of July. What bra size do u think u will end up with? Friend request sent
  11. Hey Iwiz have u received ur Anna bra yet? I got mine yesterday, it seems really small for a medium size. Im not sure it will fit post surgery.
  12. Im travelling from melb to syndey
  13. Thanks for posting the link to the list. Very helpful. Id better start preparing, I haven't even booked my flights yet ekk
  14. I got the Anna one as well I think lol... I had no idea about size, im normally a small so I just went the medium, hopefully it fits
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