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  1. I went through Mark - one word - AMAZING!!! I also know another 2 girls who are as happy as I am who went after me! More than welcome to FR me and if you have Instagram - Perthgirl_Ba140815
  2. Im a fellow Perth Girl, but I didn't have my BA done with Tony Connell (Although I have heard some pretty amazing reviews on him). I had Dr Mark Lee and he was awesome! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him! Im 6.5weeks post op and could not be happier!
  3. Hey Hun, I have never heard of him??? Are you booked in yet with a consult?
  4. Oh wow really? So youre in Perth? If yourr on facebook, look up a group called Breast Implant Advice, a lot of women on there who are getting them/got them and you can see different sizers there too ?
  5. Im also going under the muscle. there is a way to make rice sizers but I am not too sure how to do that. well I was hoping for an e cup from when I was breast feeding my youngest. Dr Lee said it was definately achievable with the 450cc so I may be an F. Either way I can't wait until the deflated saggy babies are back to being perky!!! Haha when are you booked in?
  6. I am booked in with Dr Mark Lee for my BA on the 14th August! He was super easy to get along with yet very professional. Hubby came with me and he even included Hubby in the whole process. :-) I would recommend him to EVERYONE!
  7. Hi Brittany123, I am very similar in stats to you :-) I am also a deflated c -cup !!! During my consult I went for 450cc and I have changed my mind to 500cc! Have you tried the 550cc sizers on?
  8. Im booked in with him in august! I cant wait. He is super nice
  9. I'm 25 (soon to be 26 in July) I have 2 daughters (3 and 18months) both breast fed!!!
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