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  1. Now at home, drain removal went quite well, just a little uncomfortable on one side but nowhere near as bad as I thought! Just feeling some tightness in the breast tissue tonight so am icing and staying on top of all the pain meds! thanks heaps
  2. So yesterday was the day! I had 660g from the left breast removed and 620 from the right and am already so happy with the results! still got the drains in and not enjoying that- am finding I have sharp pinchy pains where they're entered and can't wait to get them out. Swelling as started today, will see if I'm allowed to start icing. im surprised at how much mobility I have?! It's achy but I don't feel restricted in my arm movement at all, which considering what my surgeon told me I was expecting to be moving like a t-rex! Blood pressure is low- 91/40 which is even low for me so nearly passed out when I went to the bathroom. Anyone got any tips for recovery and how to speed it along? More than happy to stay another night in (they're looking at tomorrow morning for discharge) also how painful is it when they remove the drains?! Eek!
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    August 2015

    I'm booked in for a BR on August 20! Have come down with a cold and cough though the past few days, so am off to the Drs in the morning just in case... Don't even want to think about having to postpone this surgery after having to wait a full 12 months so private healthcare would cover the hospital stay etc.... *keeps fingers crossed*
  4. Thanks Rennich! I will definitely check that out! Looked on the website and will definitely order some.... Have my pre-op tomorrow! 17 days until the operation, and now I'm just in the really impatient stage! After waiting for so long, and finally getting the $8000+ together, I want it done!
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies! Under 3 months to go now, and I think I just have to keep remembering that I'll be ok hahah! I've pinned so much onto liking my appearance a lot more once my boobs are smaller, but I think I need to prepare myself for this not being a magic fix! I do believe the op will be at SJOG subiaco, as thats where Hanikeri is based, so just knuckling down and keeping on saving!
  6. Also, has anyone had it done lately in WA and can tell me how much they spent? my brain is starting to hurt trying to work out how much I could get back with HBF and medicare and how much I have to pay in the first place and then the total after the rebates..... if only getting rid of them were simpler! hah!
  7. Hi all! Am new on here, so wanted to create a post as could do with a few people who understand around me (God bless all my small boobed friends...) Im a 12G (34Gish) and have tentatively booked (well as tentaively as a 10% deposit is!) my reduction surgery for the 20th August. So 3 months and 1 day to go! I live in WA, and my surgeon (Dr Hanikeri *please edit if not ok to put in names! has suggested a D/DD and Im really leaning towards the D!) And I am terrified! Recently turned 25, which marked a decade of talking about this operation, and tonight I have been hit big time with the 'what the heck am I doing' thoughts. I have been busy saving my butt off for the surgery (thank you medicare and HBF for helping out) and I think that has distracted me well, however I am quite nervous! I think my main worry is that a D either wont feel small enough (its been so long since ive been that size i have no idea how it will even look) or that I'll still dislike my boobs even after the op! Any reassuring pats on the head in the ways of a comment would be greatly appreciated, and any advice too! especially RE how much time to take off of work afterwards!
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