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    60 kilo weight loss, skin ruined. Face/Chest/Abdominal plasty needed possibly arms too, wading the minefield. Trying to find the money & keep hope.

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  1. The way which minimises currency conversion fees and the like.
  2. About to start the process of assembling quotes. My first port of call is going to be Cosmeditour since they are Australian, not really sure who else to contact after that...I want reputable agencies.
  3. Hello, I had an abdominal plasty some 18 months ago, everything has healed fine and dine extremely well and I am very happy with my results. There is just one issue. My belly button, is desperate to close, and consistently tries to close itself unless I stuff it with tissue. This has been going on for 18 months now, with no signs of stopping, has anyone else had this issue?
  4. Pretty much as described. I am about 85 kilos now, from what I have read or ascertained if I lowered my weight under 80 kilos it my save me up to $1000 or so on my abdominal or belt lipectomy.
  5. How does one contact Dr Pornthep to go directly through him?
  6. I am thinking neck lift, belt lipectomy, male breast reduction, all at once basically?
  7. Do I fly over and arrive and just start trying to consult, do I go through a company...testimonies of medi makeover scare me...How do I actually, consult/find out what I need?
  8. I've started the unenviable task of looking for a surgeon to remove the loose skin on my chest. Not only does no one seem to specialise in it, most don't seem to do it. This is not gyno surgery unfortunately this is the removal of skin. Has anyone located a surgeon overseas who can reliably do this?
  9. NIB is shutting down as of June 2017. Who gives an aftercare promise now?
  10. Hello! I've been offered both these surgeries by my surgeon in Thailand and I am debating whcih one to go through with. Apparently the breast reduction with a nipple graft will result in the removal of more of my loose skin and a tighter appearance, however it's more expensive and comes with extensive scaring. I've been told the breast glad excision will leave me with some loose skin though...can anyone who has undergone any of these procedures share some further insights. I am male and this is predominately about losing breasts that are small primarily consist of loose skin.
  11. I am having lipo, tummy tuck and breast removal surgery with him soon hopefully!
  12. Wow they are quoting some low numbers on their wbesite, will have to investigate this myself. They are not jsut an agent they offer surgeons that meet Australian standards...and a service guarantee.
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