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  1. Last week I got refitted professionally and it's really important to go to a proper boutique shop where the girls know what they are doing!! Prior to this I was wearing BnT's bras either 10DD (complete comfort bra) or 10E (Killer Kurves), I never really felt 100% happy with these bras, they were ok but didn't do much for me so off I went to 2 different bra shops... first one was Hidden Lace in Subiaco Perth... Ohhh they were rubbish!!! I thought for a boutique shop they'd be on to it but no! I got fitted my some nanna and she said I was a size 10 borderline size 12 so they she went off around the shop and handed me all the size 10 E's she could find even a 10F was amongst the pile... I tried them on but they were all horrible, hardly any support and they did nothing for my shape. She wasn't really interested in getting the right fit for me so I took the pile out of the change room, dumped it on the counter and walked out... so off I went to Silk Elegance in Leederville, asked for a prof fitting and immediately the girl measured me, asked what size I was currently wearing, pointed out the faults in my current bra, asked what style and shape I was after and then proceeded to bring back suitable bras... most of them were size 8 F or FF!!! One was a size 10E because it was a Canadian brand because their band sizes run small. I was amazed how well the size 8 fitted and never thought I would be that size because previously I always wore size 12 then went down to a size 10 when I got prof fitted for maternity bras. The girl even thought I might be a size 6 because my rib cage measures 29 inches so I could round up to 30 for a size 8 or down to 28 for a size 6 depending on the bra. All the bras I tried on were great, I'd try on 8F to start and if the cups even had a slight overspill she'd go back and get the 8FF which fitted better. I was so happy to be fitted properly that I spend a lot of money that day... I don't think I could've got a better fitting anywhere else in Perth. She said to wear on the loosest hook to start and as the bra ages you can tighten it up by moving up along the hooks. I bought 3 Freya bras (which I think are a UK brand) and 1 Le Mystere bra which is a Canadian brand and run a bit smaller (the bra gives great shape though). I will never go back to BnT's for bras, I just don't think the bras are made very well for larger busted girls IMO!!
  2. Hey Titteez, I felt the EXACT same as you!!! I'm 5 months post op now and I still get boob greed from time to time although the feeling is not as bad as it was in the beginning. I was so down about my size for the first 6 weeks or so. I hated that I spent so much money and to not be satisfied. I cried and cried (to myself) and wished I'd spent more time figuring out the best size for me. I've vented a few times on this forum too and thanks to all the fantastic ladies here I got the support I needed and also to get my head put back in the right frame of mind. End of the day we have boobs! They might not be huge but they are fuller and sexier than they were before. I main thing I focus on is that I can now fill out a swim suit and feel confident about that but also that I didn't choose a size that would make me the centre of attention at the beach when I take my top off and then for all my girlfriends to hate me because all their hubbies would be looking at getting an eye full... I think that would pain me more having to deal with that. I've got enough on top now to look good but not too much where everyone only talks to my chest. I know how you feel though, getting a BA is a major thing and you think it'll make everything right but we've got to learn to live with what we've got and everyone is different. If every woman had massive tits then we'd all look silly/boring, whatever you want to call it. My boobs now look like the boobs I should have been born with and I'm happy enough with that.... although if I did have my time again I would defo get a slightly bigger set!!! :-)
  3. Bunnykins had her PIPs removed so you could message her to get advice
  4. It's not just men who love boobs, clearly all of us here researching and going ahead with boob jobs LOVE boobs too. We're all the same. Boobs look good if you've got a great pair end of story :-)
  5. Best of luck JenJen, you'll feel fab after when you look down and see a fine set of perky ones :-)
  6. I would agree with molros. The left side looks fine, the right still has upper pole fullness and for anatomicals you are meant to lose that fullness as the implant drops or the muscle relaxes... so the right is still sitting high at the moment. Once it drops you'll get the same slope to the nipple as your left one currently has. If you look at my pics again you can see the difference from 2 weeks to 3 months
  7. I was told the first 3 months you have to wait for your breasts to heal, afterall they've been through some major surgery. I also feel the first 6 months are the hardest in terms constantly judging our boobs and I think over that time they do change and our feeling for them change. I know I have about mine and I'm only 4 months post op now. I disliked mine a lot for the first 6 weeks, the following 6 weeks got better as they settled and now I'm finally treating them like normal boobs. Mine are not perfect and they are not symmetrical but overall I'm delighted with the results and recovery I've had. I can only speak for my own experience so I don't want to down play your own frustration about how they are looking now and how you feel about them but I do think once you get to the 3 month mark you may see changes for the better
  8. Hi I had mine done with Dr Patrick Briggs and all I can say is he is a fantastic surgeon. My results are great and scars are healing very well, I reckon in a few months I'll only have very faint lines. He uses the rapid recovery plan and it was brilliant, I have 4 kids aged 5 and under and after 3 days I was back to being at home on my own looking after and picking up the young ones. He was very good at picking a size to suit me and I was offered 2 sizes which in the end I chose the smaller of the 2 but I do regret not going the bigger size, that's my own fault really... I didn't want to go too big but now realise once they are in they don't feel as big as the sizers do in the office. Anyway, overall I'm very happy with how mine have turned out
  9. Hi Jamily, I've sent you an FR. My pics will give you an indication of what 375cc will give you. I am now a 10DD although E cup fits better in some styles/brands. Mine don't look that big at all. They look like the right size for unnoticeable boobs... if I wanted to have them noticed I should have gone with the bigger set I was offered but I was too scared they'd be too big
  10. Hi Elle, I'm 5"6 and hovering between 61-62kgs. I was a small B cup to start with (after breastfeeding) prior to babies I was a nice natural C cup so after my BA and getting 375cc put in that took me up to a DD in a size 10 band. They don't feel large at all and in fact I think I could have taken the larger size offered and still look and feel very proportionate. The first 6 weeks they feel very odd and it's like I had a bra sewn up inside me but now that I'm 4 months post op they feel very part of me and it's like they are the breasts I should have been born with. I don't feel like they get in the way or that people are looking at me more, in fact I think they are so natural looking no-one would even question they aren't my own. I can dress them up when I want to and get a fake look with a really good push up bra but for my everyday mummy look they look an average size and I feel very happy to have boobs again. I do get days where I wish I went bigger but that's more my head saying you paid a lot of money just for average looking boobs but in reality they look fantastic and my recovery was without complications. Going from a B cup to a C cup will hardly be noticeable, I think if you aim for a D cup at least you'll be surprised how normal they feel. You are very tall so don't focus on the cup size, get the look you are after first. Mine measure DD sometimes E depending on the bra but they look a small D cup in clothing. I hope this helps!! Good luck
  11. All the breast Chacha heheh... finally your time has come!! Looking forward to hearing the updates :-) xx
  12. Thanks Molros and everyone else for the supportive words. I'm pretty sure most of it is in my head so am going to try to focus on the postives of why I got a BA in the first place. Think the negativity just got to me this morning. OneDay I got dual plane so the top part of the implant is under the muscle but the bottom half isn't... I think?!! I guess time will tell is any further changes are to happen but I'd be surprised if they did change, I think the Allergan 410's are so form stable that they stay the same shape
  13. I had my surgery on the 10th of May this year so I'm coming up to the 4 month mark soon. I'd say if I could lose my wobble guts that might make the top half look bigger ha!! It's hard though to focus on myself exercise wise with 4 kids to look after plus the fact that my stomach has been stretched like a balloon after the twins... maybe in another year I'll feel a lot better about my body image. Thanks for the tip re bras, I'll defo check that brand out next time I'm at BnT's :-)
  14. Thanks for all the feedback girls!!! It really does help to vent feelings out on this forum, I'd be lost without you all for support. I know I'm being silly about the size thing, I need to realise that there are loads of positives that I need to focus on more than the 1 negative... they are much better than what they were, I'm fitting into 10E bras (although I don't feel that big and they certainly don't look any bigger than a C cup in my mind), they will always be this size as I age (if anything they can only get bigger if I put on weight but I don't plan on doing that), they will always have a good shape even if they start to sag slightly in say 10 years time and if I ever do have to have a revision for medical reasons then I can go bigger if I wish at that point and lastly the summer is coming so I get the girls on show in a fantastic bikini top!! That's probably where most of my issues lie is that in clothing they look like nothing and in all the PS brochures the models are playing theirs up in next to nothing so I think you're right OneDay a lot of my boobie greed stems from looking at those pics and comparing them to mine. I think my PS would laugh at me if I went in asking for a revision just because I want an extra 50cc or so, it doesn't seem worth it to go through all that again. Damn boob greed is a curse but it's real and very demoralising. Thanks everyone for talking this through with me. I think it's time to go bra shopping and get some amazing ones that are going to lift and accentuate. The BnT's complete comfort bras that I've been wearing since 6 weeks post op are doing nothing for me (don't get me wrong, they are fabulously comfortable but they do nothing to lift and accentuate!!) and I'm bored of them. I wish all the pre op girls the very best and hope they are over the moon with their results. I also hope that any post op girls who can relate to my feelings will also put their focus on the positives and try to bat down the one or two negatives that rears it's ugly head. It really is a rollercoaster of emotions even months after having a BA
  15. I was offered 420 as the next size up but 375 is what I went with after discussing with my PS about the possibility of boob greed. He said most girls do wish they had gone bigger but he reckons it's mostly in our heads and we just get used to the size chosen and later think it's too small. He is probably right but if it's playing on my mind most days it's becoming a problem. He said that 375 was a moderately large implant and I should be very happy with my result. He said 375 is the most popular choice of size (maybe that's a statistic he pulled from his records of sizes ordered in the past?). Anyway, after all that I thought okay he's right 375 is big enough but now I'm kicking myself that I didn't take the 420's!!! I'll just have to learn to live with the choice I made I guess. It's just so depressing when I've spent so much money and I'm unhappy with the size...
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