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  1. Loving tan in 2 hour express dark, best tan I've ever tried! I wouldn't bother with the 8 hour ultra dark weirdly it seems to be lighter then the dark. I use it with the st Tropez mitt. I also use the st tropez prep & maintain scrubbing mitt to exfoliate as the gloves do nothing for me.
  2. He operates on Mondays at Pacific day surgery as well.
  3. I live on the Northside as well with similar drive time, I thought about staying at the gold coast for a week but adding that to Dr Layt's fee which is already over 1k more than Broadhurst I don't think its worth it.
  4. It seems to be more common then I thought, I just hadn't heard of it until my Broadhurst consults so I think I had a bit of a freak out. Most likely Broadhurst, I ruled out Richardson a while ago I love Dr Layt's work but he doesn't really want to offer me any other sizes options and it's a bit of a drive to the goldcoast. I think I may have freaked out for no reason, it's a lot more common then I realised Thanks everyone for putting my mind at ease.
  5. He suggested between 360 and 390 for me and said I could fit 420 but they wouldn't look very good on my frame. I'm leaning towards 390 as i'm hoping to be a DD (i'm a small b now). Are your's mod or high profile? Do you have any photos?
  6. I had my consult with Broadhurst on tuesday and am considering booking my surgery in with him. I'd love to hear any feedback and see your photos if you went through him.
  7. I feel slightly better knowing it may only be by 5mm. I was thinking it was by multiple cm's lol. Please keep me updated with how you go! Your boobs are amazing!! I'm jealous! Do you mind adding me to your gallery?
  8. Who was your surgeon and how is your recovery going? Am I able to see your pics? I just feel like my boobs are so low on my chest already..
  9. I had my 3rd consult yesterday and got a slightly different opinion then my previous two. I've been considering high profiles instead of mods for a little while now but i'm a little bit freaked out by the idea of lowering my breast crease.. Is it possible the other surgeons would be lowering my breast crease to and just haven't mentioned? Also would high profile implants still give me side boob? 1st consult : Dr Layt 365cc mod profile unders 2nd consult: Dr Richardson 385cc mod profile unders 3rd consult: Dr Broadhurst 390cc high profile unders with lowering breast crease
  10. I think that's why I want 385cc instead 365cc your meant to lose something like 25-50 going under the muscle either that or i'm just getting greedy. Have you thought more about who you want to go with?
  11. No I didn't see any photos at the consult which is probably the main reason I want to go back before booking my surgery in. I loved the vectra imaging, Dr Layt did say that my boob shape worked well with the machine though so maybe that helped. Why didn't you like it? Size seems to be the hardest thing to decide on! Did you try implants on in either of your consults? I tried a 345cc and 385cc on in my consult with Dr Richardson. There wasn't really a huge difference the 385cc looked slightly bigger then one of those two cup size push up bras on me.
  12. My partner seems to think everyone will notice after I get them done but I really doubt they will. I already wear huge push up bras everyday lol. Did you get any replies today?
  13. I think i'll end up going with Dr Layt as well, i'm trying to decide if its worth having a consult with Dr Broadhurst or not when i'm already 99% sure I know who I want to go with.. What did Dr Layt recommend for you?
  14. I had to postpone my appointment (sick with flu/stomach bug) How did your consult go? Have you decided who you want to go with?
  15. I work in retail and right now I do a fair bit of lifting and moving around so i'm thinking three weeks and getting a doctors note saying no heavy lifting for six weeks for something like that.
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