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  1. stephy85

    August 2015

    yes my left boob is really sore and my right has no pain at all. I'm right handed. My left side was a smaller boob and got a bigger implant so I think that's why. But it's is painful and frustrating 😥
  2. stephy85

    August 2015

    Morning girls, whooo hooo I have boobies. My surgery went really well and I woke up well from the anaesthetic. I was a bit sick after taking some pain relief, but I have only needed panadol since. My chest feels tight and slightly uncomfortable when I move. I stayed overnight and had a great sleep. Just waiting on the surgeon to send me home. I can't stop looking at my boobies. Hope the other ladies are having a good recovery. Forgot to add I ended up getting 410 and 375 anatomical full projection. Xx
  3. Wishing you well today on your BA with Tony xx

  4. stephy85

    August 2015

    I'm in my gown and in s bed waiting I'm getting so nervous now too. It's horrible waiting. I hope it happens for you soon too. Did they say what time you will be going in.
  5. stephy85

    August 2015

    good luck today ladies, hope your surgery goes well. Whoooo hooooo we are getting new boobies today I can't wait. 😀😀😀
  6. stephy85

    August 2015

    I was really relax now I'm so nervous, butterflies are going crazy. Tonight is going to be very restless I think
  7. stephy85

    August 2015

    Whooooo girls this time tomorrow o will have boobies. I can't wait. How are you feeling. Mummasgettingboobies and mummy onlove
  8. I'm from Perth too. I have decided to go through Tony Connell if you search his name in this group there are lots of positive things said about him. He was great at consult. I took a whole list of questions for him but he answered them all without me asking. He noticed I had asymmetry which a previous surgeon didn't say anything about. He does very natural looking breast. I'm going in on Monday for my operation. I have had 2 kids and breast fed I wanted boobs when I was 19. My husband is very supportive and knows how much it means to me to feel comfortable about myself. He is looking forward to them too. 😜. Good luck. I think as mummies we do so much for our kids and hubby it's time we do something for ourself.
  9. stephy85

    August 2015

    I'm not there until the 17th August, if I was I would have loved to of popped in. Sounds like you have been really uncomfortable. I hope the pain stops for you today and you can check out your new boobs. That's great the staff are really nice. I have 10 days to go, I'm so nervous and excited. I'm getting tear drop implants, he is looking at putting 450cc if they fit, if not he will go 410cc. Good luck today hope you feel better. Xx
  10. stephy85

    August 2015

    Hi Mrs R how did it all go. I have my op in the 17 at Cambridge day centre. I have to be there at 8. What time did you go into theatre? I'm hoping to not have a long wait between getting there and going in, I'm getting anxious. Hope your surgery went great and you love your boobs 😀
  11. could you please add me too, I'm an a cup and hopefully getting 375 in if the fit 😀
  12. Hi, i decided to go with Tony 😀 I'm booked in for Monday 17 August I can't wait. I feel Tony was the right surgeon for me he took his time in consult, informed me well and listened to what I wanted. I didn't like what Edward suggested for me. He recommended over the muscle hp 375 but I was concerned I would not get a natural look. I'm glad I had 2 consults so i could compare.
  13. I have not had a BA with him, but he is a very good ENT surgeon and works at PMH. He is lovely. I chose not to go through him because I feel he is very specialised as an ENT surgeon and is not well know for BA. I chose Tony Connell because he specialises in breast. He does loads of BA and reconstruction. I have only heard good things about Tony. I booked in August.
  14. I forget what the percentage was, I'm seeing him again next week it's on my questions to ask 😀 I think it's low.
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