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    Breast Lift
    Breast augmentation
    Tummy Tuck
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    Dr Boonchai PIAC - Sept 5th & 7th

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  1. Thats's good hun I don't think there is a bad surgeon at PIAC, you'll be in good hands whom ever you decide with it.
  2. Dr Narupon is supposed to be equally as good hun
  3. Irena


    Help I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks and i'm really unsure what sort of clothes I should be packing, i'm really terrible at this sort of thing I always over pack and the wrong stuff too I'm having a BL/BA/TT Any ideas would be great. TIA Irene
  4. I'm having a BL, BA & mini tummy tuck and i'm going back to work 4 weeks later I have a desk job
  5. I will keep you all posted, can't wait for Dr B to work his magic Thank you.
  6. thank you I will have a read
  7. I'm an empty C atm so I may have enough breast tissue for overs. Ultimately I will go with the surgeon's recommendation but I do like the sound of overs. I'm also having a breast lift so I'm not sure if this effects the placement too. Good luck for tomorrow Jenna 😊
  8. They look amazing Emma Dr B sounds awesome I can't wait. Only 14 day to go
  9. Hi Just wondering if anyone has had over the muscle ? I've read it's better to go over if you have a fair bit of chest muscle. I lift weights 4 days a week and I have a fair bit of muscle in the chest area and I'm curious what Dr B will recommend. If anyone has any info would be appreciated thanks
  10. Im going to Piac with Dr Boonchai for a mummy makeover on the 4th Sept.... not long now 😊
  11. I'm a saggy and empty 12C i'm booked in with Dr Boonchai for a mummy makeover in September i'm hoping to get too a DD
  12. Thanks Emma I'm having a mummy makeover so it's boobs on the 5th & tummy tuck and lipo on the 7th, excited but nervous too.
  13. I'm booked in for Sept 5th at Piac.
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