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  1. I definitely had a mondors chord!! Not that I got it checked out but the description of it perfectly matched what I felt and saw. It's all settled now. Xx
  2. Mansoor Mirkazemi!! $9,000 straight forward BA. I highly recommend him, he has given me the perfect breasts, exactly what I asked for.
  3. I got a straight forward BA for $9K with Mansoor Mirkazemi. I don't have photos up but would definitely recommend him. I'm extremely happy with my result.
  4. I have 2 children, and didn't have any change in my breasts. So my surgeon said the chance of them changing if I had another baby wasn't likely but could happen. If your breasts changed dramatically after your first baby and 3.5 months of feeding, I would definitely wait until you've finished having babies, unless $$ isn't an issue & having them redone is an option, then I would say go for it.
  5. I think your uneasy feeling says it all!!
  6. Oh..... I was about to try braless for the first time tonight!! Now I'm worried, should I not? Is there any girls who let them breath at night?
  7. Maddi J, so sorry your experience has been high jacked by debate! If you're happy with result it's a wonderful thing!! Xx thanks for sharing
  8. If they are getting a high turn around of patients in day it's a massive money making scheme for them. Well not scheme but you get my jist. Some anaesthetists also struggle to get private work so it would be a good starting point. $$$$$$$
  9. Hi, I had implants put in just over 4 weeks ago with Mansoor Mirkazemi. Can not recommend him highly enough, ask Abevemi!! He's professional, caring and takes true pride in his work. I've had a brilliant recovery, awesome results and I'm stoked with the whole experience. I can't comment on Kim Taylor, I inly saw Mansoor and knew he was the surgeon for me.
  10. I feel sorry for the girls who have paid and are waiting for the surgery!! I wonder if they'd allow a refund!!
  11. I had the kids by myself the day after surgery. My hubby dressed them and fed them brekky... I just had to keep them fed and nappies clean until he got home. I was fine. I had done lots of food prep for dinners. I wouldn't suggest being alone if the kids will need lifting however. I really had a good recovery, it slowed me down but I was very capable. I think keeping moving, even if it was slow was great for a better recovery. Good luck.
  12. The 3D photos truly are a very rough guide. Mine look nothing like my 3D photos, thank god, the real thing is much nicer. In fact the shape and cleavage gap is quite different. Don't use this as an expectation, just a guide. I really can't see a huge difference in all the pics. You're best off looking up the stats of the implant, I found this very helpful. I went the smaller out of the 2, bigger isn't always better, definitely depends what you're hoping for. Good luck.
  13. I feel for you. I was thinking about the poor girls who have booked and waiting for their surgery with TCI. The current events would have me very nervous and questioning my decision and safety. Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you..... There has been lots of girls who have had a positive experience.
  14. I am nearly 4 weeks post op. I had my BA with Mansoor Mirkazemi for his silver package of $9,000. I had one appointment with him, I felt confident he could give me the result I was after. I told him how I wanted them to look and he knew exactly how to get it. I booked in a date there and then. I then had a second appointment which he does, to make sure you're confident, comfortable and prepared. He sent me off for pre op tests, blood and ultrasound (he's very thorough). My day of surgery was amazing, my recovery even more amazing and my results even more amazing!! Can not recommend him enough. I had to pay for my first consults, approx $80 after Medicare rebate of you get a GP referral. Then the $9,000 package has covered everything else except for pain relief afterwards..... My second consult, all surgery costs (hospital, anaesthetic you and surgeon), surgical bra and post op appointments. Happy to FR if you have any more questions. Good luck on your journey.
  15. I had an LMA with my GA.... Which is different to being intubated. It is definitely still a GA but not as 'heavy' as one when someone would be intubated. I wonder if they've been using these??
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