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  1. Suz70

    what surgeon

    Awesome, keep me posted how you go. I couldn't get an appointment with him until Sept.
  2. Suz70

    what surgeon

    Honeybee how did you go with your consult with Dr Tony O'Connell? I am still trying to decide between Mark Lee and Tony. Have consult with Mark Lee booked for a months time.
  3. Kathmartin how did you go? Would love to hear and see some photos.
  4. Kathmartin how did you go? Would love to hear and see some photos.
  5. I would go to GP and get skin swabbed to see if you are still carrying the bug on your skin, if you are you can have treatment to get rid of it. It will harm the healing process so you want to make sure you don't have it prior to surgery.
  6. Dr Dona told me had to be in 2 ops which slowed me down a bit as I would be travelling interstate for it which increased costs for 2 trips. He does sometimes do it in one op I have heard but depends if you are a candidate for this or not. I have heard very good reviews of him and that is why I was originally looking at flying over for him to do it. He operates in 2 different hospitals depending on days of week, costs changed slightly depending which hospital.
  7. I am of same mindsets, don't want to do it all on one op if going to lessen benefit but would much rather it done at same time as this is such a big deal won't want to do it again. Also very nervous about doing it in th first place as to the possibility of complications and should I just be happy with what I have and put up with it. Fine in bras just not out of bras. Seeing everyone's photos and how happy they are down the track is definitely encouraging.
  8. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any feedback after having a breast lift and breast augmentation at same time? I know that some suggest to do it in separate operations. Any info from people that have had them done in two stages or all at once and the long term results would be fantastic please.
  9. Did you look into Mark Lee as well? I was looking at Dr Dona in Sydney but now wondering whether to stay and go with Dr Mark Lee or Dr Tony Connell.
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