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    live Sydney***** Surgery in Thailand Phuket/Bangkok
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    BA 450cc high profile, round textured, crease incision, dual plane ....
    TT and muscle repair..... 800cc revision high profile, round textured dual plane
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    BA Dr Boonchai 30/11/2012 , TT Dr Boonchai 16/11/2015, BA Revision 800cc Dr Boonchai 30/11/2016
  • Measurements
    160cm , 65kg , was a 12 B then a 12 DD/E after 450cc now not sure after 800cc will update soon

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  1. Wow I have not been in here for ages and am suprised that there still is alot of chatting going on about overseas surgery, last time I was in here it was a bit quiet ... Its great to see ladies can come in here to get more info as well other than social media, this is where all my info came from when I first started doing my research all those years ago ( 8 ) Howmany ladies are still here and had surgeries with Dr Boonchai or are looking at having him as a surgeon ? I am a Boobchai girl lol I know alot of ladies are after before and after photos of his work so I created a fac
  2. Honeylove In the end it is totally what you want to achieve ... I have breastfed 5 babies and was recommended a lift but i was happy just to have some boobs better than what I had so the lift didnt bother me so I decided just to have the BA I know one day in the next few years i will need one as im not getting any younger lol ... So my first BA was 450cc dual plane placement, high profiles 2nd BA is 800cc dual plane and high profile again no lift ... mumO5
  3. another FB fan page is DR Boonchai Plastic Surgery in Bangkok
  4. Dr Boonchai is a great surgeon in BKK ... i have used him 4 times and no prob mumO5
  5. Hi splendid Im 160cm, 65kg had 450cc upgraded to 800cc both size implants were and are high profile, round textured and dual plane placement
  6. Thanks girls I will upload some pics after I eat my lunch
  7. I will do .... I'm feeling great...
  8. Hi girls just a quick update i had my surgery today with Dr Boonchai once again, this time in Bangkok my last 2 surgeries were in Phuket with him I had reconstruction of my bellybutton after having an umbilical hernia repaired back in Oct this year , i also had my old 450cc implants taken out and new 800cc put in ... Havn't seen them yet but from what i can see they look massive im in love ... will put before and after up soon .. mumO5
  9. Thanks Brannz arrived safely and came out the other side doing well .... I had my bellybutton reconstucted , a mole removed of the back of my neck and my 800cc dreams lol mumO5
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