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    Brittany123 got a reaction from mycosmeticjourney in 550cc too big??   
    Thanks mycosmeticjourney and AspiretoInspire for your Comments! I think i will go for the bigger size
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    Brittany123 got a reaction from Anna in 550cc too big??   
    Hi girls i am new to the forum and feeling very undecided about implant sizes and need to make a decision soon. I am 163cms around 60kgs and a very deflated b-c cup. I am quite bottom heavy so i am wanting some boobies to balance me out! Would be happy with a dd or e.. i tried on 500 cc high profile and they looked fine with my clothes on now im wondering if i should go to 550.. boob greed.. my surgeon said this would be ok. Anyone with similar stats and goals? or ideas of what i could expect.. wanting them to be big but not Porn star looking..
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    Brittany123 got a reaction from Wenchie_89 in 550cc too big??   
    Yes i have read about the Rice Sizers too.. i might have a go at doing that.
    Thats a great way to look at it - im sure they will be an improvement either way.. mine are a bit saggy from wieght fluctuations
    i would love to see some before and afters of Girls wearing clothes.. they all look pretty big in Bra's and selfies and i want to know
    what they look like every day haha.
    Im a Dr Lee girl too in Early September!
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    Brittany123 reacted to Melina88 in 550cc too big??   
    For your height and weight and being a b/c cup, but deflated, I think 550cc HP will give you a very natural but biggish look :-) definitely not porn star!  I've got 450cc moderate profile and I could still go much bigger for my weight and height without looking like a porn star! Great choice!
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