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  1. So good to hear girl! Would love some pics if you dont mind
  2. hey flatty81! i added you! how is everything going?
  3. Has anyone had surgery in Thailand with Dr P? I have had a chat to a few girls and they say it was a great experience and the job was greatly done but i cant find many pictures? id prefer Australia but going overseas doesn't phase me just after reviews/ opinions and pics if you have had surgery with Dr p at Bangkok makeovers! Thanks
  4. Hey Jadet and megz1989, How are you girls and your girls going?!! hope all is well! Let me know how it goes tallgirl! i seen that offer!!
  5. megz1989 - it will come up so quick! jadet - Glad everything went well, how are you feeling? Nup havent booked any consults yet, ive still a lil bit to save up before i can pay but within the next few months i willl be onto booking consults I was thinking of using a payment plan i think its mac credit? so i can get it done quicker but i think id prefer to just pay it
  6. Very exciting! Keep me informed megz1989 ☺️
  7. Lets move on from Dee envy have you had a ba? if so how was your experience? Ohhh how exciting jadet!! All the best and keep me updated after the surgery please would love to see and hear about your results! Xo
  8. Savag28 i had a look at janes website and sounds like she would be great specialising in female areas! how did your surgery go?
  9. Thanks ladies, will check them out len82 the picture is small but they look great!!
  10. Hey ladies! Can anyone recommend a Melbourne surgeon for a breast aug? Currently b sized boobies with the right slightly bigger then the other! Ive heard Dr. Ashton is really good? but just would like to hear everyones opinions thankyou! X
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