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  1. Thanks ladies for your replies - it's been very helpful and I appreciate the support. I think I'm going to go for it, if I require a re-do down the track, well we will address it then. Lucy
  2. Hi there, I have October 1 on hold I haven't been able to bite the bullet yet and lock it in. I'm a bit of a wuss, lol
  3. Hi all About to book with CosmediTour for a BA with Dr. Boonchai. Never had any surgeries or had a general so I'm very nervous about this. My question to you however, is about pregnancy/breast feeding. I'm recently married and 25 years old, whilst babies are not in the very near future, I would think in two years we would like to start trying. Those I have spoken to have said to wait to have the BA anticipating they will droop and change with breast feeding, but I'm more in the mindset of wanting to enjoy them now whilst I am younger, trimmer and wanting to show them off a bit.. Whilst I understand this is a personal decision, I would like to find out from others if their pregnancies affected their BA. I'm currently a 12A, genetically I would say they will not change too much during pregnancy as I come from a family with very small boobies. Thanks in advance
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