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  1. Packing List Random items . Boomerang (v) pillow/ask hotel for extra pillows · Travel pillow · Travel blanket if you’re with a budget airline · Bendy Straws · Dry shampoo · Laxatives . Throat lozenges (for sore throat because of tube) · Personal items (makeup deodorant and toiletries) · Panadol and nurofen · Movies/hard drive with walking dead downloaded hahaha♥ · Laptop/ipad/phone & chargers · Travel power converter (apparently really heap to buy over there) · Ice pack/ hot water bottle (stays warmer for longer than wheat pack) · hand sanitizer · Lip balm · Baby wipes (for when you can’t shower :p) · Silicone tape for scars · Bio oil/ rosehip oil · Methanol balm (tiger balm) for sore backs · Sunscreen . Insect repellent if going to rainforesty areas (you can buy repellent bracelets if you don’t like the smell of spray like me) · Floppy hat · Extra hair pins/ bands and maybe an old school clip while doing your hair isn’t easy. (im going to teach my boyfriend how to tie my hair in a ponytail the day before my surgery so he can do it for me after and save me trying to explain it haha) Clothes . Loose clothing · Button front tops · Stretchy waistband bottoms · Flowy dresses · Cardigan as hospital gets cold · Slippery pyjamas so it’s easier to get in and out of bad. · Spare post op bra . Covered shoes, thongs and sandals . One nice dress for going out . Lots of underwear . Swimwear and cover-up for pool Important documents . Photo copies of passports and travel documents · All surgery documents. · Download currency converter app on your smartphone And a loving person to take care of you if possible <3 Hope this helps ladies <3
  2. I am hoping maybe 350, I don't want huge boobs, but hearing about how much everybody gets boob greed I don't want to go too small! What reason did you choose dual plane?
  3. Yes im so happy with my choice, i could not find one bad review about him
  4. Thankyou! im so excited how many days post op do you get stitches removed?
  5. Hey, im new here!, i am 18 years old and getting a breast augmentation early august i am going to Phuket in early august with my boyfriend, and i am trying to get Dr Boonchai as i ave heard such good things about him, i am 168cms, 50kgs and hoping for 300-325ccs, moderate plus, and probably under the muscle. if any there girls are getting there boobs in late july- august let me know it would be great if we could compare stories closer to the date, also if anybody has had theirs done at PIAC it would be great to hear from you too Also any suggestions on what to bring, good scar products, anything i need to do before i go, thank you
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