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    BA and BL with Tony Connell
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    Dr Tony Connell, 9 June 2015
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    166cm/58kg/deflated 10C
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    HR Mgr
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    kids Mr 2 and Miss 5

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  1. So happy it all went well Honeybee, make sure you look after yourself and take it easy :-)
  2. kathmartin

    June 2015

    I totally agree - it really killed me to get off the Endone - couldn't sleep, jumpy legs it was crazy and that was after one week!!!
  3. kathmartin

    June 2015

    Hi there I am three weeks post op. Tony Connell did my BA with a slight BL on one side, he was great. I am baffled by this website, but I did post some after photos on this thread :-)
  4. kathmartin

    June 2015

    Hello June ladies. Hope everyone is going well. I am now 7 days post surgery. Glad to hear that the bloating is not just me. I feel like a real fatty which messes with my mind! Getting the hang of the new website changes, sounds like the friend thing has disappeared so I am going to try post my after photo from a couple of days ago on here. They look quite different from each other but hopefully will drop first photo day 1 and then day 5
  5. FR me and I will share my photos. Had BA and BL on one side
  6. Hi Bunny Your before photo is very similar to mine. I can only hope my after will be as good as yours they are amazing!!! I am 3 days post op. K
  7. kathmartin

    June 2015

    Miss lv How are you feeling??
  8. kathmartin

    June 2015

    I keep waiting for the pain, I am really hoping that I don't get the morning boob that everyone talks about. Lou did you have a full on shower and then dry your dressings? I am a bit scared that I won't be able to dry my dressings properly and I don't have any spares......................
  9. kathmartin

    June 2015

    Hello everyone I am out the other side after having my BL and BA on 10/6. I love my boobs so far, but they are huge. I only required a small incision above the nipple to fix my asymetry which was such a releif. I ended up having 325 in one side and 365 in the other - so I was pretty lopsided! Recovery is a lot better than expected, pain is not that bad, just panadol so far and the hard stuff at night. :-)
  10. Hello all I have new boobs! One looks a bit square, but hoping that is just swelling, will post photos for opinions shortly. Pain is a lot less than I thought. Just having panadol during the day. Loved the GA - was out from 3pm to 9.30pm, guess I needed the rest..........................
  11. kathmartin

    June 2015

    hello June Ladies My Surgery got pushed from today to tomorrow!! I have another sleepless night to look forward to! Hope that everyone is feeling ok :-)
  12. Hi Usplusthree Could I please FR you too? I am booked in for tomorrow with TC. Louboobs - did your surgery get cancelled as well? If not, I hope that all went well :-)
  13. Thanks Newster That is the feedback that I am getting from everyone! are yours behind the muscle? I was supposed to go in today, but all surgeries got pushed to tomorrow! nervous all over again!
  14. Hi Lou. Mine is 9th June too! Best of luck
  15. kathmartin

    June 2015

    Hi June hot mamas I am booked in with Tony Connell for a BA and BL on Tuesday. Very nervous and now after reading this freaking out about pillows and pjs!!! Can't wait for the Valium! Hope everyone's surgery goes splendidly! xx
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