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  1. Hi KylieC I've had a consult with Dr Gary Liew and his partner Dr Jayne Bambit from the Lavish Cosmetic Surgery clinic. I've lost a fair bit of weight through weight loss surgery and am only having a reduction and lift done. I found the both of them to be very easy to talk to and they put me right at ease. I'm booked for surgery on 11/11 and am expecting to be only in hospital for 2 nights - worst case scenario. I am on the Sunshine Coast, so maybe a bit of a drive for you - but certainly worth checking out. They've quoted me $10750 (incl the anaesthetist, excluding any rebates from Medicare and Bupa). This is based on my PH covering hospital and theatre fees. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi all I'm due to have a TT on 15 March and am currently a size 14-16 in my tops. I know there will be a fair bit of swelling after the op. My question is what type of compression garment do I get? And do they come in different sizes. I'm on the Sunshine Coast so any recommendations of local suppliers would be much appreciated. Also, what do I pack for hospital i.t.o comfy clothes? Thanks
  3. I'm due to have my TT with my sleeve surgeon on 15 March...so excited and so nervous. He arranged for me to meet one of his former patients who had the sleeve as well as a TT done by him. She looks amazing and the scars are hardly visible. I was glad I got to talk to her as it has put my mind at ease. I agree with pinkandblue, his pricing isn't radically different though.
  4. Hi MMO My hubby had it done at our local GP's office. Took about 30 minutes. I was in the room. Doc did one side and offered that I do the other Cost was about $350 but this was about two years ago. I think we got some back from Medicare. Hubby was very uncomfortable the first day. Can't recall him having more than 3 days off work....sorry for being so vague....
  5. Hi Kate68 I originally looked at Dr Baxter, but my GP recommended Dr Michael Donovan. I was thinking of a lap band as well, but on speaking to Michael I decided on the gastric sleeve surgery. I had my surgery early Nov 2014 and have lost just over 30kgs so far. I loved Dr Donovan. He's non judgemental, very kind, very dry Am happy to share any other specific info you may need.
  6. Hi AspiretoInspire I'm in QLD on the Sunny Coast. I am hoping to get my TT and arms done in December, but that might just be me and wishful thinking. Thanks for the feedback Minx...that's a bit of a relief to know that I could be up and running (so to speak) in matter of a couple of weeks. I have recovered very well from past surgeries, c-sections, etc, so I'm hoping it will hold me in good stead. Honeybee089...I've already told hubby that he'd better be prepared to help me He's a good sort though, so should be alright. Thanks girls...
  7. Hi Minx Thank you for your response. I have an administrative job, so the option of working from home is available. May I ask, at what stage would it be comfortable to sit up and perhaps do a few hours of work on the computer? I want to go in with a proper plan when I sit my boss down and tell him I need time off. Being able to perhaps work from home say after two weeks recuperation might soften the blow a bit.
  8. Hi All I am new to this forum and am in the early days of investigating the different surgeries I may need. I had weight loss surgery last year and have lost over 30 kilos...still have about 20kgs to go. My GP, however, has referred me to Dr Greg McDermant for a consult about a TT, an arm lift and possible BL. This forum has heaps of info that I've already armed myself with, but I am interested in how much time off is needed for recovery post surgery. I work for a small company and whilst my boss is very supportive, I would really like to be able to prepare him for the time that I may need off. I am hoping, all going well, to perhaps have all my procedures in one go. Any suggestions, recommendations, info...would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance
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