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  1. Thanks ! I'm very happy I did it. They are dual plane. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions !
  2. I have Mentor Moderate Plus implants. 325 cc's.
  3. LetsGo33


    Yay Emilycharlotte I am so happy you seem to love your new assets ! and it's only Day 3 - so exciting. I will check your pictures. Thanks for your input !!
  4. Yes I decided to go wit them as they have loads of clients so I have been able to get in touch with many girls before I decided to book. It has put my mind at ease.
  5. no problem at all - I am going to get my operation through Cosmeditour :)
  6. Hi Siobhan, My rhinoplasty with Dr Montien is next Friday. I can't speak from experience yet but I'll be able to form an opinion soon. Please note that I am not going through Medi Makeover.
  7. LetsGo33

    August 2015

    Hello everyone ! i haven't properly introduced myself yet, even though I've been active on other posts. I am a 12 B or C. I have a broad back as I left weights. I am 165 cm tall and 57 kg. I have wide set breasts so my surgeon has recommenced mod plus profile, 250-350cc. I will get my operation next Friday 21st August in Bangkok, as well as a rhinoplasty, by Dr Montien.
  8. LetsGo33


    My surgeon recommended 250-350cc. I think I'll go with 350cc- I don't want to choose less than that and get boob greed- which I'll probably get anyway. My surgeon also recommended mod+ as I am broad and have a two-finger gap. Do I have to select moderate plus? Or would high profile be ok anyway?
  9. LetsGo33


    Thanks Natlovesher boobs ! and L : we are in the same boat ! Same build, same breasts, I lift weights and my surgery is also next week !! Nat and L: which profile have you chosen?
  10. LetsGo33


    True ! It's still very recent. I hope you end up loving them, as per your username How did you select the implants' size ?
  11. LetsGo33


    How many weeks post op are you Natlovesherboobs ?
  12. LetsGo33


    Thanks Donatella ! My surgeon has recommended 250-350cc, based on pictures. I'm looking forward to trying on 350 cc !
  13. LetsGo33


    Hi Donatella, Does this apply to me as well ? Would love to have your advice ! I am quite broad in the chest and back as I lift weights. My surgeon has recommended Moderate plus implants with a dual plane placement. There are a few pictures on my profile if you wanna have a look.
  14. LetsGo33


    I am interested in this too ! I am a good 12B/Small C, 164cm and 57 kg.
  15. MizCoco is right ! I get operated by Dr Montien later in the month, at Samitijev.
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