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  1. Hello lovely july ladies great to hear how u are getting on. Im 3 months PO now and doing well. It has probably taken that full 3 months for all of the pain and discomfort to settle.and for this reason it took me a long time to actually like them and be happy with my decision to get a BA. Righty can still hurt after something like vacuuming the house (im right handed). Aestethically, im quite happy with how they look now, they have dropped a lot ... right still slightly higher. Lou my scars are also still dark red/purple an can still see stitches under the skin. Using silicone gel so hopefully they improve soon. MezMoz I totally agree ... so glad I got them done in winter giving plenty of time for them to settle and for me to come to terms with it all haha. But finally loving them - yay has definitely been a bit of roller coaster. Take care all of you and thanks for all the support. This forum has been amazing !
  2. Hi jemma, my surgery was about 2 weeks after yours I think, and I still get achy pains in my right boob. My left is totally painfree now, has always been the better behaved one .... but on the right my incisions hurt a little, im always getting a throbbing sensation and still get that morning boob pain (not as bad as early days tho). PS says it may just take time to settle (think we had same PS). Im ALWAYS worrying now and thinking about cc and others possible problems... just want to feel normal again and LOVE my new boobs . Keep us posted how u get on. X
  3. Hi mudcrab, im 10 weeks PO now and still get pain in my right boob :(:( just after general day to day stuff, & lifting kids etc. The right one has been my problem boob since the start. I still get nerve pain and muscle ache and the whole bottom half of that boob is still numb. Spoke to my PS who seemed to brush over it and just said give it time. So im just hoping it settles cos im getting fed up and always worrying that something is wrong. Hard to enjoy new boobies !
  4. Hi blmason... I have similar stats to you, actually im a few cms taller. And i have broad shoulders. I went 400cc and I am happy with the size, Its what I wanted. But if you want quite a noticeable difference, I would recommend you going bigger definitely. Depends what you have to start with too. I had nothing haha. Feel free to look at my pics. As you can see not big at all and there is there is not much difference with clothes on... since I always wore padded bras before. Good luck !
  5. Looking fab Bailey ! Surprisingly I refrained from buying any bras today. I've got my 8 week check up with surgeon this Tuesday, not sure why 8 weeks, most people seem to be 6 weeks, are they ?? Anyway just gonna confirm all ok with him and then hit the shops woohoooo :):)
  6. So today was my first trip out to the shops since BA surgery !! My foot injury is on the mend and I can walk around now a little with just my moon boot on - nice, haha. So anyway I went into bras n'things and asked to be measured. I must say the young girl was really helpful and seemed pretty clued up on post op stuff. I nearly fell over when she told me I measured as a 14E .... WHAT the....?!?!?..... OMG I thought I was like a C or D at the most. They really dont look that big at all, but when I tried on bra I must say it was such a good fit. Now I know what people mean when they say implants measure larger than natural boobs!
  7. yes definitely still have some issues with pain. Im gonna be 6 weeks PO tomorrow and still get lot of muscle pain in my right boob, still very tender and aches. Still get that uncomfortable pulling feeling when I lift the baby. Its getting me down TBH I had that magic 6 week mark in my head, and disappointed that im still struggling
  8. You look great Soren711. OMG I am the same at the moment, absolutely stressing about everything... This last week ive been convinced im going to bottom out, get synmastia, have CC in right boob hahaha. Wish I could just relax and enjoy my new boobs and stop being so paranoid. The more read the worse I get.
  9. Hi Boobarella, my baby is 9 months and weighs over 10kgs. I got unders also and I found I was able to hold her on my knee after a week or so and snuggle in a bit more after a couple of weeks, just no lifting up or down. Im 4 weeks post op now and I can lift her if she sitting next to me or something but still struggle to lift her off ground for example, hurts pecs !! Yeh fake a shoulder injury, hehe ....so then u can still hold her just not reach out and lift her. Good luck
  10. Looking fab Bailey, seriously they look so natural !! Oh I'm jealous, I cant wait to go bra shopping once my foot is healed. No.point in buying online until I get measured properly I suppose. Lots to look forward to
  11. Im 4 weeks and I think they are starting to soften a little, and getting much better range of movement now too Better movement in my arms that is... boobs aren't moving much at all haha
  12. Hi hooters2be, I found feeding baby was no problem a day or 2 after surgery, but my husband had to lift her in and out of high chair. But at least feeding her was one thing i could help with, so I usually did that and fed her bottles as she sat next to me on sofa. Could change nappy and dress her probably a week later if I had to... but I avoided it to be honest, she's strong and wriggles a lot hehe. So again husband did that as I couldn't lift her up anyway. How old is your baby?
  13. Nat your boobs look amazing, they look very natural already !! I can't wait to go bra/bikini shopping determined to lose the rest of this baby weight before summer .
  14. Can anyone else feel their implant at the bottom of their breasts, just above the incision? I have read on here that it is pretty normal... but its weird and freaking me out a bit. Guessing its cos I got Dual plane placement and cos I have zero breast tissue covering it at the bottom.
  15. Thank you so much MezMoz. Haha I shall never be setting foot on a trampoline again. Had a CT scan on thurs and turns out it is fractured afterall as well as ligamemt damage, which the xray didnt pick up when it first happened. I shouldn't have been walking on it at all, but since surgery I couldn't use crutches. I have now borrowed a wheelchair from a friend and I push myself around the house with my good foot... what a mess eh! Im quite down in the dumps now as I wont be walking for at least 6 more weeks. I question if I should have gone ahead with surgery at all. But we didn't think the injury was as bad as it is. And its making me regret my new boobs a bit :(:(
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