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  1. I love my new boobs, I'm nearly 5 months PO and wish I did it years ago!!! Everything looks and fits so much better
  2. I Had a AR in July and I'm still really happy I did it although they put in a permanent stitch to stop your nipple stretching back out and the one in my right boob broke so my nipple has stretched back out 😩 but my PS is fixing it next week 😄
  3. hey in the early days I used microporous tape over my incisions but now I don't use anything as for Tan I love Vanity, ProTan and Bondi Sands
  4. sorry for the late reply Ive only got the message bank with them once and they called me back tgat afternoon so I haven't had any trouble My recovery has been great only one little bump on the road with the stitch around my nipple letting go but I'm getting that fixed on Tuesday good luck with your journey
  5. I have dual plane rounds and they look very natural, I'm low body fat too, I have photos in my gallery if you want to see good luck with your decision
  6. I still get a tiny bit of pain but can sleep on my side no problems in the last 48hrs my right nipple has stretched out 😩 I'm so upset I think the permanent stitch must of let go??
  7. lol my 4yr old son saw me in the shower this morning and laughed and said you have big boobies mummy, I was like I sure do 😜
  8. Im glad you got some good news today xx
  9. oh no 😔 UTIs are horrible your implants will be fine just rest up, I had a upper respiratory infection last week and part of my right lung collapsed due to virus and surgery but my implants are fine I just have had to rest but yesterday I had to have a suspect mole removed and will find out by Saturday if it's melanoma 😔 , so now I can't lay on my front or back and have these new stitches in for 2 weeks my right boob is looking bigger then my left and I'm the opposite of you girls I feel like mine are not big enough!!! Lol
  10. my PO bra is just a soft crop and my ps said I could wear crops if I wanted too, why do ps have so many different Po instructions to each other, can someone tell me it matters about them getting squished? yay that's awesome news, I need to find the best sports bra now too, I just wear LJ crops
  11. I'm a Hamish Farrow girl and I'm 3 weeks Post op and I highly recommend him my new girls are amazing
  12. I had a BA and BL with Hamish Farrow and I'm more then happy with my results, I just told him the look I was after and he handled the rest good luck
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