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  1. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Oh honey, you've been great to talk to about it all as well! It's easy to talk to family and friends but they haven't had this done or are going through it! It's great to be able to talk to people who have had it done or are having it done! Yeah they'll be all faded in a year! That's it, all a part of the journey! Yeah it's great Haha yeah it has been nice! I must admit I am a bit of a closet Disney fanatic! Hehe xx
  2. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Not at all! You can always asked for an extra rug or two as well! No they didn't say anything about heat packs or anything. Yes, it definitely would have been expensive for a month stay! You chose the best way for the length of stay for sure! Oh no! Ouch! I will admit I have broken my finger and almost needed surgery (luckily got away without it) and when it's cold it still gives me grief and is stiff but I think it's a different pain! I always go in expecting the worst pain of my life and hope to be pleasantly surprised! So hopefully you are too! Yeah I am improving daily, it's strange cos some of my nerves that obviously have been effected are coming back so that's not always fun but it's healing which is good! I get the off ache and pain now and again but taking it easy has helped a lot! Yep, I had the full anchor lift and it's not as scary as i thought it would be, and in all honesty I scar really well because I am so pale but I know it will take a while for them to go down. I can't see the incisions because they are dressed and have to stay like this for 3 weeks but I knew scars would come with the surgery so I was expecting it! i hope his helps! I can message you some photos when the dressings are off in a couple of weeks? Xx
  3. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Yeah they tend to do that! So annoying! Yes you will have great care and pain relief, no need to worry about that! I have stayed at Meriton apartments (would be pricey for a month) but definitely the best way to do it, I think! Mum has come with me to help me look after myself and stop me from doing too much too quickly! That is a great idea! Your babies will love it! I know it is much easier said than done but try not to worry too much! Xx
  4. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Yeah I did the same then I calmed down the closer it got. I know you're having a couple more procedures than me but honestly you are in the best hands! I'm sure they will be smooth for you too! Yeah I was, amazing hospital! Are you there? The nurses are phenomenal as are all the doctors!
  5. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Hi, It went really well! And recovering very well! I'm post op day 3 and have been shopping today so doing surprisingly well. Only on panadol now which I'm stoked about because endone sends me to the stars haha good but unnecessary from now! I definitely recommend senokot post surgery to help move things along but other than that it has been great so far! It was quick and great the whole experience. Sleeping on my back elevated has been hard I will admit! But necessary unfortunately. Yesterday was my hardest day - I felt sick and tired and sore but woke up much better today, thank god! I did end up going without implants and I am really happy with them! I think they'll be a 12C/10D once they settle and the swelling goes down! I may consider implants in the future once I've had kids and they've had the life sucked out of them ? but I'm super happy with them now! How are you feeling about it all? Xo
  6. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Exactly thank god for online shopping! Haha yeah it's definitely worth confirming so there are no surprises! Yeah im starting to get a bit nervous but I figure it's booked, paid for and I'm in the best hands so I try not to stress too much. GA's don't worry me. I know I'm in a hospital and they have everything needed and I've been under twice before so it's not too much of a worry of mine. I think it's sinking in I'm finally having my boobs fixed!
  7. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Well at least you know you'll be healed enough and safe enough to travel after the 4 weeks! I hope you don't have to stay longer! Nothing beats your own house and bed to recover in! Yeah he has my trust so I know what I want and I'm sure I'll be stoked with how it ends up! Umm all up its around $15,000 or so! Yeah I have two post op bras on there, they're $60 each I believe. Yeah I think I'll see how I got with the two I'm given and go from there and buy a couple more definitely! Yeah it's hard cos I think I'm forgetting something or won't remember to take something else but I figure I'm still in Australia. Anything can be bought really!
  8. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Yeah I'm travelling from Perth and am staying for the full 10 days I need to as I am only having my boobs done so I'll be glad to get home I think! I'm not 100% on what size I am but I'd say D- small DD and they're like tennis balls in socks! ? Wowza! But he is amazing and I think it's worth it if you can afford it and with a hernia it's necessary, right?! May as well get it all done at once too! It'll save costs in the long run but is scary out laying all at once that's for sure!
  9. Brinos

    BL - Miroshnik

    Yeah I'm normally in a crop at night and bra or crop during the day! Depending on what I am doing. I'm getting more worried as I am losing weight and they just seem like they will be tiny and I'll be out of proportion! I suppose I may have to wait for the pre op consult. Only 3 weeks out tomorrow so starting to get really excited! I'm only 24 this year so I do want to be able to wear a backless dress or other dresses without a bra occasionally. And I don't want to have this done only needing to have them done in a couple of years because I've got a heavy implant that has caused sagging again! Well I just need to be patient and listen and trust my surgeon! Wish me luck! ?
  10. Hey ladies, I have my breast lift/reduction booked for the 5th April with Dr Miroshnik and still have a couple of kilos to lose, he has recommended that I do have enough breast tissue to only require a lift. I don't want to be one of those people that thinks they know more than their surgeon but I feel like because of the weight I have lost and am still losing my boobs are shrinking and after the lift/reduction they'll be tiny! I'm a D-DD always have been (maybe an E when I was at my highest weight) and he has advised that I will be a large C/small D post op. I am also worried about not having the upper pole I want as I have absolutely no upper pole at the moment! Have any ladies had similar stats and could help to calm my nerves that I'm not going to be flat chested! Although he has told me we can decide on implants at the pre op consult if I have completely deflated... And I do trust him completely, I think I'm just getting nervous even though I'm still 6 weeks or so out ? xo
  11. hey, I wish! I still have a bit of weight to shift before I go in! Thank you! Yeah I think I will be too but purely cos it's a pretty big change, I'm fine with going under as I have been under a couple times so it doesn't worry me! Hahahaha you should! I might actually do that too! ?
  12. hi slinky, I have my surgery booked for the 5th April so still have 10 weeks to go! So exciting! So you'll have to give me tips for recovery! Haha xx
  13. oh that is so amazing! Bet you're so happy! Thank you for letting me know I hope my future recovery will be as easy as yours has so far x
  14. hey, I had a phone consult and sent photos, but I am going to go for a face to face consult at the start of January next year so he can see how my skin is etc this is only my case, not sure how it would be for anyone else I just have quite significant sag and a petty big weight loss!
  15. oh that's great to hear! I have my fingers crossed for you! Okay, thank you!
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