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  1. I've never been able to take endone. I had tramadol. If pain really bad overnight call your dr in the morning and see if he can fax a script to your local pharmacy tomorrow. x
  2. I've had mine in for over 12 months. Not one period! Nor any side effects (so far!)
  3. Who are you doing your revision with? I hope it all goes well! x
  4. I've always been a 6 or 8 and I'm a 1. I've always loved kookai. There's another top I love which is this one. 20% off at highpoint on Wednesday. Like on fb or Insta and you'll hear about the sales.
  5. Mine fall to the side. They are smooth. My PS told me that textured are more likely to stay up when lying down.
  6. I was curious so had a look at the link posted by jugs. I was then confused and then found the initial posters full review. NO ONE should ever go through this. Good luck deebee8. This is a huge decision. PS all the way! devastated said: Hi all I had my surgery over 1.5 years ago, and, still, think about my mistake every day. So much so, that I thought I would post my review here. I’m waiting for it to be highly unpopular – I hear other people have had a good experience with this Doctor, which makes me wonder why I was treated like such “a number”. Firstly, I was only given one consultation – I tried to get a second prior to the surgery, but Nurse Brown said that wasn’t usual, and didn’t book me in … maybe I shouldn’t have paid my deposit on the very first visit. One of the main reasons (apart from being super small chested) for having this procedure, was that I am quite uneven (one side noticeably larger / smaller than the other). Indeed, during this one and only consultation, one of the first things Dr Konrat said was “you don’t have the same amount of (tissue) in each side, and are quite different … don’t worry, that’s an easy fix, we simply put a larger implant in one side than the other”. Great! – problem solved. Or so I thought. I didn’t find out until I got my paperwork (a month after surgery) from the implant manufacturer (I was prepared to wait for the swelling to go down before I jumped to any conclusions) that the SAME size implant was used in each side ??!!!! She also says on one of her advertising sites that you get to ‘have fun and play with the sizer bra’. I did that – and she said “that is the size you will be”. I was NOTHING like the impression she gave me during my one and only consult. So, now I am STILL really uneven, just slightly larger (I've gone from A cup to large B cup). I have taken to buying those bras with the little padding inserts, so that I can leave them out on one side, just to get a bra to fit both sides nicely. Not something you want to do after paying $10k to fix the same problem!! Oh, and when I mentioned my dissatisfaction, she offered to redo the surgery … for the fee again! What the??! I didn’t get what I asked for – isn’t that illegal? I know you are going to say I’m an idiot for getting this done without the second consult, but I thought I was dealing with a professional who was going to do what she promised. Also, she said all the right things, and noticed all the things I disliked about my breasts. So, I thought I was on a winner here. But, the outcome tells a different story. It seems it was all talk. If you plan to go ahead with this doctor, my advice is to get any intended surgery plans confirmed in writing. I will say, the result was quite neat, but she is quite scatty when it comes to remembering conversations and concerns you have. When I was standing with her pre-op, she was looking at my chest and talking about them as if she’d never seen them before. Her “tone” comes across as caring, but beware that what you talk about will be forgotten the moment you step out the room. Oh – and she never even got a signed ‘permission to perform a surgical procedure’ on me. Professional??
  7. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. If it was only one year ago is your surgeon not prepared to help you sort it out for a discounted rate? Have you consulted with anyone else? Could be worth posting your question plus photos in the q & a on this forum?
  8. They only make one wire free. I got from Bravia who only do d cup + bras. I don't know about anyone else but bra shopping was equally as painful pre-op so I'm not too phased about it.
  9. I had this issue too! I'm 6 months post (330HP unders). I found a Freya wirefree that I love and fits perfectly. Have also found a couple in the Heidi Klum range at DJ's. I think I tried about 20 bras on one day and bought 1! Have not found a push up that fits yet.
  10. Perhaps a good time to bump this thread with another couple of girls recently disappointed with their results and fake profiles popping up again. Do your research ladies. Please!
  11. @donatella I've just read maddijays post - have you any idea how this person is still practicing? I just can't work it out?
  12. Hi MaddiJay, l'm so sorry you find yourself in this situation. Things started off so well for you. I really hope you can get a couple of opinions and work out exactly what is going on. Please keep us posted x
  13. Did you have drains? This is completely different but after my three pregnancies (3 caesars) I had horrific night sweats - my dr told me it was my bodies way of getting rid of all of the excess fluid - my guess is it could have something to do with this?
  14. how did you go with this sports bra chick? I'm looking for one that doesn't flatten that I can wear under my racer backs etc. how did you work out the vs sizing?
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