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  1. My bras are really light now ? They used to weigh a tonne because off all the padding, but now my boobs are heavier than my bra lol.
  2. Hi, i wore one for a few weeks, but I had my BA in August so it was easier to cover the symmastia bra with scarves, etc. This time of year, you might have more luck with high neck summer dresses. About the nipples, sometimes I put band aids over them so they didn't show through clothes, but you can also try nipple covers.
  3. Hi Shellze, I wore it for 4 weeks. I'm 9 weeks post op now and things are going well Are you wearing one?
  4. I have 330 mods & they definitely aren't too big! I really like the size on me and I'm glad I chose 330 cc over 295, which was my other option (in moderate profile).
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you're disappointed with your results & the outcome of your recent consult Pagey i really hope you can get some good advice from a plastic surgeon so that you can at least find out what your options are going forward. We've all got our fingers crossed for you xx
  6. Hi, I'm a psych student (part time) and I also work full time. I got my BA done during the semester (4 weeks in) and I found it took me a couple of weeks to catch up. It was lucky that most of my assessments and exams are at the end of the semester
  7. Hi Subtle & Discrete, I'm nearly 4 weeks post of with 330 mods. They still have lots of changing to do, but I think they're starting to look quite natural already. I'm very similar stats to you (165cm & 53kg). My surgeon recommended mods as I was also after a really natural look
  8. I'm not sure yet ? I'm 3.5 weeks and they still feel a little weird and get in the way at times.
  9. Hi Claire88, Yes, you will be asked on the day of your surgery if you're happy with the size/ profile that you have chosen, but if you want to try on more sizers, I would probably book another consult. Perhaps take someone along for a second opinion, if you need reassurance
  10. Thanks for the advice girls I think for the most part my style won't change, but I'm looking forward to being able to wear a few things that I haven't tried before....Bikinis!!!
  11. Hi girls, a bit random, but I'm wondering if you found yourselves dressing differently post BA? I'm not sure if other girls can relate to this but I've always dressed in certain ways to hide the fact that I've had small boobs (lots of scarves, high necklines, etc). I felt quite limited with what I could wear, so I didn't really experiment much with fashion and different styles. Have you found that you've adapted the way that you dress to suit your new figure or has nothing much changed? I'd like to be able to wear some styles that I would never have considered pre BA, but I don't want to look like I'm putting them out there too much. Any advice?
  12. I hope I can eventually lay on my belly... I'm only 24 days post op so I'm sure I'm a while off, but I miss being able to sleep in any position
  13. I feel like I have a proper hourglass shape now Pre op I had small boobs, a tiny waist and a bit of a booty. I feel like my new boobs give me better proportions and give me great curves, eventhough my figure still looks petite overall.
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