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    Looking at getting a tummy tuck and breast augmentation after having and breastfeeding 5 kids.
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    Dr Poomee 30th April 2013

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  1. Hmm...I haven't been massaging down either, he told me I didn't need to but I haven't noticed if they look weird when I lift my arms up! LOL Jaddles - Thanks for sharing that, it was worrying me a little because they look uneven, my left boob looks full and round and the right is more pointy at the bottom because one side is flat. Still have to remember it's still early days!! The incision on my left boob opened a little (about 5mm) last night, some gunk and blood came out and now it's healed over and pretty much back to normal again. It made me freak out a bit! The same thing happened to my belly button though, I had a bit of an internal stitch hanging out, then the wound opened, blood and guck came out and then it's healed. The stitch is gone too.
  2. I have one side that isn't looking quite right at the bottom, it's sort of flatish and the other side is rounded. I did question him about it and he said it would look better once it fluffs a bit more. It's more noticeable because of the lollipop incision I think. Anyhow, it's a damn sight better than what they use to be! Hahaha. How big did you go again? I originally went in with 375 cc in mine and I am glad I went the 350. I still have side boob but that should change too (I hope). How did the exercising go? I'm keen to get back onto the treadmill!! No pics yet but I'm on it!
  3. How is everyone doing? I haven't opened my laptop since leaving Thailand! lol. Been back at work for almost 2 week and it's been ok, just uncomfortable when I swell up Everything seems to be healing well I'm an E cup just like Dr Poomee's wife predicted!
  4. I initially booked a Tummy Tuck with lipo to the upper abdomen and waist with Dr Poomee at Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok for the end of April. After a lot of thought and research, I added a lollipop breast lift with implants. The reason why I am chose to have surgery is because I had badly stretched skin, from hip to hip due to 5 pregnancies (3 of them were 9lb and one was 10lb - BIG babies!). You can also imagine what breastfeeding those 5 babies did to my boobs! I had saggy D cup breasts. Not the kind of body I thought I would have at 29. I had my consultation the day before my surgery. Dr Poomee was lovely and confirmed that I had chosen the right surgeon for me. I had arrived an hour before my appointment and got to see him within 15 minutes of arriving. The staff at the clinic were lovely and his wife was roaming around chatting with people in the waiting room. Dr Poomee was very matter of fact, he showed me pictures of what would be involved but he expects that you have done your research before you see him. I then went with his wife to try some sizes. She asked me at first why I was getting my boobs done, until I showed her my super padded bra! lol. I trusted her opinion and we decided on 350cc mod, she predicted it would take me to a D cup. That night I slept surprisingly well and as I was staying at the Skyy Hotel with my mum, we walked over to the hospital at 5.45am and entered through the Emergency Room. It was now that I started to feel a bit nervous, so I made my mum give me a hug and kiss and sent her back to the hotel. Any longer and I would have burst into tears!!! They had someone show me to my room (which was AMAZING by the way, there was a comfy looking window seat/couch, plasma TV with all the latest movies, a kitchenette and dining table), allowed me to lock my things in the safe and then it was down to the pre-op. I got changed into a gown and then they took me into the pre-op room where they took my blood pressure. I had a giggle at some of the nurses trying to ask me questions in english and they were relieved when I answered them in Thai! They were the usual questions like whether I had any allergies, when did I last eat, etc. The anathesist came in and introduced herself and asked a couple of questions and then Dr Poomee came in and marked me up. I then hopped into the bed and waited for them to take me to theatre. I remember the marker ink was burning my skin, I must have been sensitive to it but I didn't worry about it too much as I was due to go in shortly. They wheeled me out at 6.55am and into the operating room. Dr Poomee's wife was waiting for me and assisted me in shuffling onto the operating table. She explained that they would be putting some compression thing on my legs and I would have them until they were ready to get me out of bed the next day. She had one arm over my waist and held my hand until I went out. I woke up in recovery and felt thirsty, every time that I had a sip of water I felt nauseous! Ugh!! I dozed on and off here for at least an hour I believe. The compression thing on my legs were strapped on and would inflate and deflate every few minutes or so to keep the circulation going (it felt just like a massage chair). I was taken to my room at 3pm and my mum was there waiting for me. Dinner came and I ate the veges and that was about it. I struggled to move and couldn't sit up enough to eat properly anyway. I didn't sleep too badly, only waking when the nurses came in to do their checks. Dr Poomee's wife came in at 8am the next morning and changed my dressings. My boobs and nipples looked amazing (I couldn't see the scars) and my tummy scar was very low and neat. I had 2 drains for my tummy and none for my boobs. She put new dressings on and strapped me back into my binder and post op bra. The catheter came out about an hour later and it was not long after that that I needed to pee (the nurses kept forcing me to drink more lol). I had a nurse help me and I was in AGONY getting up and it was just as bad getting back in. After 3 trips to the loo the nurse deemed me capable of getting myself to and from the loo. It was really hard not being able to push or pull with my arms and there was just no way of not feeling pain in the tummy area when you have to lift your legs and tense your core. Argh! I'll admit the following day it got easier but it wasn't a pleasant experience at all. I didn't feel too much pain, mostly just uncomfortable. Dr Poomee said he removed 2.6kg of skin and fat and lipoed another litre! I stayed 2 nights in the hospital, I felt nauseous the day I was going to be discharged. I'm still not sure if it was the meds or the fact that I was going to have to sit 2.5 hours in the car to my Dad's house. I was ok once I was in the car and Dad was so so so cautious going over the bumps and stuff on the roads, it was sweet actually . I relaxed at my Dad's place for a week (with one trip back to Dr Poomee at 6 days post op). The bed was high, so it was a bit of a struggle getting in and out of bed, but I managed the stairs fine. I was taking only tylenol by day 5 and nothing by day 7. 4 weeks post op and I have recovered well. I have been back at work for almost 2 weeks now and I'm not struggling too much (I was exhausted by the end of the day the first few days back though). There has been quite a bit of swelling around my tummy lately and I think that's because I have been moving around a lot! I'm really happy with my results and would do it all over again in a heartbeat! It has been so worth it!
  5. I had a lollipop lift and 350 cc mod implants with Dr Poomee (2 weeks tomorrow).I think I am going to end up a E cup. I'll post pics on my profile tomorrow so feel free to send through a friend request. If you can stay around the Nana area, it's close to the hospital and tourist district, loads of street stalls etc (I stayed near MBK initially and there was bugger all street food around :S ). Taxi's are relatively cheap but give yourself time with traffic and the skytrain is usually packed like sardines. Get onto Trip Advisor and read the reviews on accommodation in the area. Also, the hospital is pronounced bum-loon-glaa. If you say it how it's spelt, the taxi driver will get confused. Also tell them to go to Sukumvit Soi nung (one) or saam (three) to make sure they are on the same page as you!! Oh and when going to the airport, it's pronounced Suwanapoom - One of the girls on the forum came home the same day as me (Sunday) and got taken to the old airport because they just said International Airport. Dr Poomee is excellent. He was my first choice and he has done an amazing job. I will post my experience and pics tomorrow (I also had a TT).
  6. Strap is off! Woohoo! My boobs look a little scary and misshapen but I'm not too worried - still early days. I haven't been told to massage yet, but I expect I will when I have my final app on Friday. I am allowed to shower now (which I did as soon as I got back to dad's house!) and have the all clear to sleep on my side. I'm trying but I'm still very bruised around the hips and waist! So Friday is the last app and then I fly home on Sunday, I can't wait. Missing my family loads. How was your final app today Terrie?
  7. I will be once I get all my bandages off tomorrow lol
  8. Mine don't seem too high from when I can tell. It's irritating my skin and my skin is sticking to it, I have cotton balls stuck int it all over the place because i have spots bleeding everywhere under the strap lol. My app is on Monday at 3pm.
  9. Terrie, I was just about to one and ask about the strap, I hope mine comes off on Monday! I hate it! I've just changed into a target post op bra because the one I came home in was terrible (Velcro at the shoulder straps, ugh!). Glad to hear you are recovering well!
  10. I'm doing really good since leaving the hospital, the 1.5 hr drive to dad's felt like forever on these bumpy roads in Thailand. I slept really well I have my own bathroom adjoined to my bedroom here so I don't feel like I'm disturbing anyone, seems that I need a top up of meds at 5am every morning lol. Back was a bit achy this morning and I loosened the tape down near my groin area as it was pulling my skin and hurting me! I am finding all this sitting around ping nothing really frustrating though. I'm so use to chasing my 5 kids around and working. Its hard to stay still!
  11. I'm feeling no pain with my boobs at all but my tummy is a different story! Especially getting up to go to the toilet. I'm pretty ok getting up and shuffling to the loo, but getting back into bed is a nightmare. I'm a bit scared to leave the hospital tomorrow!
  12. Surgery went well today was back in my room by 3pm and have been dozing on and off. Will post more when I'm a bit more awake
  13. I know! I can't wait to be done and dusted!
  14. I've had my consult and Dr Poomee said Terrie's surgery went really well. I am hoping to pop in and see her this arvo if i get a chance! Consult went well. We decided on 350 mod plus so i should be an E cup. My surgery is at 7am! I'm so excited!! Still at the hospital, waiting to be taken to have my bloods done
  15. Good luck WhingingPom!! I am flying out in the morning and now I am freaking out LOL. I'm scared that I get turned away and will have wasted time and money...and I'm just being stupid...not being at work has allowed me to think about it too much haha. I'll check in tomorrow night when I get to the hotel. My consult is Monday afternoon. So close now!
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