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    Pre-Op 12B/10C mildly tuberous.
    - 395cc XHP Nagor round textured implant, placed over the muscle, peri-araeolar incisions.
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    Dr David Theile - 2nd September 2015
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    169cm 63kg 10C/12B
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  1. I had my surgery in September of 2015 with Dr David Theile in Brisbane. A year on, i started to get back into my usual summer tanning habits. I lay out in the sun roughly twice a week for 40mins at a time (20mins front, 20mins back). Recently, ive noticed that i get these bizarre red blotches over my left breast when im out in the sun. As soon as i go inside and a few hours passes, it subsides. Although, this week (Sunday) i was laying out in the sun and noticed the blotches were really significant. I decided to go inside as i was a little concerned. You can imagine my horror as now
  2. I called my surgeon today and got the exact same response! im dtarting to stress more and more though as ive read that the seroma usually forms around the incision site, and my fluidy feeling is directly under my incisions and when i poke it the fluid only goes so far, as if like in a water balloon and you push one side and it goes to the other until it cant go any further and you feel it return to the same spot. Should i be asking for an ultrasound?!
  3. Good on you! I stopped taking everything except antibiotics obviosly and just took panadol as i needed it. I felt so much better for it! I was much the same! Im actually surprised how easy the whole journey has been. If anything i was more emotionally drained than anything else! Its such a rollercoaster for emotions! I called my surgeon and told them about my wierd floaty, fluidy feeling on my left side, they said give it another week and if it gets worse within the week or doesnt improve to give them a call back and we can ultrasound it. Im still worried about it as ive done my usual bad hab
  4. Im also tuberous. If you wanna check out my gallery you can, i just uploaded a heap of Pre and Post Op pics and you can read my info. Xx
  5. I have alot of Pics pre op and post op in my gallery if you wanna request me and check them out. Just always helps to see before and afters of other people i think
  6. P.s. MORE PICS UP - 2wks Post Op! 395cc round textured subglandular for those wondering
  7. I didnt have much boobie pain but my back killed me! I think with the meds they give you it is so easy controlled. If i had to pick a day though id say day 3 or 4. Back pain was from sleeping elevated aswell. Best thing i did was get up and walk around when i was feeling up to it, and sat outside and got some fresh air. This eased the pain in my back and let me stretch a bit. But i was sleeping on my side as soon as i felt comfortable to, which for me was day 5.
  8. Eeeek so im exactly two weeks post op to the day and i think i have a seroma in my left breast. It is tender, more swollen than the right side, and feels like the implant is moving/floating around in there!! Ive also noticed my incisions arent looking very good either! Ahhhh! Am sending pics to my surgeon but am freaking out! I know the two week mark is when you get more swelling again, but this feels really off sorts!!
  9. Im getting this horrible feeling at the moment. Im two weeks post op tomorrow. Im not stressing too much yet, but the feeling is just nasty!! Its feels gross!! And i can push and the fluid moves to the other side! I felt fine up until yesterday, with no issues whatsoever, they had dropped and felt so comfortable on me. I even felt as though i was getting sensation back. Now im swollen again and lost all feeling down the middle of my chest again. And have this horrible floating fluidy feeling! Damn!
  10. MaisieF, best thing you can do is try sit outside and get some fresh air, and do little stretches every day. Are you still taking pain meds? I found after i stopped taking them (in the end i was breaking them into halves, then eventually quarters) i felt alot better. They made me feel so sluggish and a little depressed even. If walking around is overwhelming just try find a nice quiet spot where you can put your feet up and lay back and get a bit of sun and fresh air. Thinking of you!!
  11. Going to upload some more Post Op pics. Im now 8 days post op and booked a weekend away for tomorrow and Saturday night woohoo! Ive been driving since Monday (Day 5), and am now 100% back to normal. Slept flat on my back last night, and finiding sleeping on my side sooo comfortable (with pillows in between and below to keep my boobs supported). My surgeon said i dont have to wear a post op bra, so am finding i wear the PO bra to bed and for the morning when i first feel stiff, then of the afternoon i let them out ? which is alot more comfortable as under my boobs is quite sore at the moment an
  12. Hoping to bump this post up!! Im 8 days post op and going away over the weekend to the beach and im dyinggggg to be tanned to show off the new assets . Does anyone else have any feedback regarding spraytanning post op? I would keep my incisions covered with those giant circle pad things (those thick eye makeup remover cotton thingos??) and tape just to be safe!
  13. Im wearing a target one it is soooooo comfy (and only $20!!). I bought a 14D which i thought would be too small so i left that tags on and took it with me when i saw my surgeon, but it fits amazingly and sooo comfortable! He was even impressed with my find! I started using bio oil 2 months before surgery (very prepared!).
  14. Going to be a painful addition to this topic (and probably more-so just uneducated!) but i get this quick and instant sharp pain under my left implant when i take a DEEP breath in, where the post op bra band sits. When i hold my implant up towards my chest to take a deepbreath it goes away. Strange? Yet my right side is amazing and causes me no grief yet. My left side also seems to be sitting as the higher side. Almost feels like something is caught on it as its slowly dropping! I also have overs. Any advice appreciated. Will call my PS tomorrow for peace of mind!
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