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  1. Hi and thanks for your reply. That gives me some hope that its going to improve. So I guess the sluggish lymphatic system may be the reason for the upper jelly thighs too. They have been abnormally larger than usual since surgery. Still not into all my pre op jeans. As for the scar I doubt there will be enough skin laxity to bring down lower. He seems to have pulled the pubis area high to meet the bottom of the stomach. I barely had fat there just large muscle separation and loose skin from 3 pregnancies. Its not pretty and very disappointing considering all the financial, emotional and p
  2. Hi all, wondering if anyone else who has had a TT with MR can comment. I am 10 weeks post op and when I wake in the morning my tummy is pretty flat but within an hour it starts to expand and by the end of the day it is very swollen and hard. I actually look worse than I did pre op as I am of a healthy fit weight. Also, my scar is far higher than the surgeon advised pre op and is very crooked. Have tried on dozens of bikini bottoms and scar shows above. Can a scar be brought lower with a revision?
  3. Hi, I had 500 and am now 300. I had never intended to be that big, with my frame 168cm 60kg size 10 I ended up being a 10E bra. It looked completely wrong on me and was not the look I wanted. I really had just wanted to be back to pre 3 pregnancy size. Don't stress, I am pretty sure you can be confident in a great result with Mark.
  4. Thanks, I slept in bed last night propped on pillows and apart from feeling like beached turtle on its back it was great to get out of a recliner. I felt that pull you mention and burning along the suture line and this morning walking a tiny bit more upright. :-) Hi Mudcrab, Yes I did go with Mark. Have total faith in my end results and could not fault him or his staff at all. I work a very physical job outdoors so needed substantial time off work for the implant replacements so decided I probably wont be able to get 2 months off again in one hit so went for it and did all the proced
  5. Hi and thanks for sharing. I am 9 days post op from TT with MR, BA and lift plus some facial and neck surgery. Obviously I was aware I was going to have pain from all angles and that's OK but what is bothering me most now is the hunching over. I was told at my one week post op I can try to push up to a straight stand if I can, thing is I cant. As you probably experienced the pain in back and flanks from hunching is strong. I could push through the pain to stand no probs but my body just wont do it, the more I try to straighten the more my butt pulls in under. Very frustrating as like you
  6. Hi bubbles, had TT BA (replacement of ruptured implants) and lift this week. The steps I needed to follow for TT MR was a referral from GP stating that I had back pain from the Rectus Diastasis (muscle separation). My breast surgery was covered and new implants by PHI however I had to pay a portion of the hospital theatre fee for the lift as that was not considered medical and was purely cosmetic. Saying that though, I didn't have huge boobs needing a lift rather I chose to go to a much smaller implant and that's why the lift wasn't covered. The PS submits all the paperwork to your PHI an
  7. Hi Jessegirl, have you checked out a site called Realself.com. I have found out so much TT info on there. Lots of very detailed reviews and pics of the procedure. I am having a TT in 3 week time.
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