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  1. Yes it is frustrated when I touched n looked at my boobies everyday. My next visit is early Oct. Hopefully my surgeon will confirm the revision surgery soon.
  2. Kristykiana , Rosey, I just sent you fr n would like to see how your cc progressing. Thx
  3. I have diagnosed as having minor cc since 5 month post op. My surgeon agrees if it didn't go any better, I can choose to do revision without any cost. But he insisted that we shouldnt do the revision to early, at least 12 months post op. Because he want to make sure they don't drop further n when he adjust them during revision, the position will be more accurate! Good luck to you girls
  4. i tried many different brands whenever other girls love. but it didn't seem to work on me. they always smudge, so as the eyeliner. end up. i only us3 the sheshido mascara n their eyeliner powder. i found the Becca eye tint as an eye makeup base vefy good. it makes my mascara and eyeliner set even better.
  5. I went to brava lingerie since I ave the BA. They specialize in cups with d or above. I can only find bra with quality and yet still got high cup size and small band there; eg 8G, 10FF.... I went to both CBD n prahran shops. They are very professional n friendly on bra fittings and suggestion. When I told them I just have BA n couldn't wear underwire. They r very understandable n recommend some bras that fits me. Yes they are expensive. But if one can spend over $13k to have BA, I think we can indulge ourselves with nice n sexy bras. But since now I have mild CC n waiting for solution, I stop buying bras although they are looked great!
  6. You girls are funny. Hey Lozz, mine are rightly the time post op like yours. But every now n then, if I sleep side way with my boobs in pressure for whole night, I feel sore for sure that I can't even turn when I get up. Only if I sleep with my back, this problem won't happen. Is this normal for everyone?
  7. Hey, since this is the first time I have BA. It's initially hard to tell what meant by hard, dropping or fluffing PHYSICALLY? How would they feel? As I don't have kid, I didn't have bigger or looser breasts to start with. After surgery, I was just always thinking they are tight because of my tight asian skin! It is supposed there would be 6 month visit to see surgeon as the fist time post op. however, towards 5 months, I am getting impatience to see them without any changes and getting worries and losing sleep. So I have early visit to see Craig. He said it's mild CC and try taking vitamin e n assuage n nurofen for 10 weeks. Let's if the condition changes. Otherwise he will do the revision. All fixable as he mentioned! As you can see from my photos, there are not much difference. Honestly, I don't feel too much change in softness post op beside the swelling was gone. Hey, I really don't know he soft should they feel after 7 months? Any share of your experience?
  8. For my case, you probably just thought they look a bit asymmetry now. In fact, what worries me are that they are still hard n not be easily moved around.
  9. i just uploaded my progress from the first month till last week. You can tell the girls didnt drop much during the last five months.
  10. Hey girls, when I was 5 months post op, my surgeon confirmed me I have mild CC. Advised me to take vitamin E and massage to see if it helps. Another 6 weeks passed, I don't really see ny changes and they feel tighter and still high. So I though I would like to see the surgeon soon instead waiting for another 6 weeks and see if I can have revision sooner. It ends up the nurse responded to my email that I might go n do MRI to chek out the scar tissues. In fact, she also asked me to do ultrasound scan two months ago when I first suspect the CC. I am getting more frustrated with the condition that I am sitting here looking at my high n hard (not golf ball hard, but for sure, they r harder than normal) breasts everyday...... Waiting for solution! Girls, anyone have similar experience? Why do I need to spend on MRI? Isn't that the diagnosis can easily confirm by physical examination?
  11. I am nealy in 6 months pst op. however, i's been firm and the right one is still siting high under the armpit. My surgeon confirmed few weeks ago thati ave mild CC. Let's see if they will get enter, would love to see your pic f you not mind
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