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  1. I had a consult with both Richardson and Broadhurst, i ultimately went with Andrew for a few reasons: 1. i felt more comfortable with him - he was happy to answer all questions without me feeling stupid 2. Richardson wanted to put the same size implants in each breast which he advised would leave me with slight asymmetry where as broadhurst put in two slightly different sizes. 3. i preferred broadhursts' after pictures over richardsons'. 4. i preferred the assistance and quick response from enhance receptionists which helped to put my mind at ease. I am stoked with my results - i had a minor f
  2. I would suggest going in person to be sized up, i attempted it myself and it was nowhere near correct. I've updated my gallery for those who are interested.
  3. Finally got sized up at a 10DD I've had many moments wishing they were bigger but after being measured and looking at my pre-op pics I've come to realise it's a massive improvement. Hopefully the boob greed will go away now
  4. Im 5 weeks post op and mine are quite soft and squishy all ready (right side is soft than the left)
  5. Yay a win - i managed to sleep on my side all night! Best night sleep i have had since the op Now grow some more boobs
  6. Hi Ladies, how is everyone getting on post op? I'm 4 weeks on Wednesday and starting to have ridiculous boob greed! When I had my 1st consult with a surgeon I was told with my bdw I could go 390cc or 420cc HP rounds but he thought the 420cc would look odd and i would be too top heavy. When I had a consult with Andrew he recommend 360cc left and 390cc right (which is what I got) I asked if I could go bigger and he said he would not recommend it as I would look odd. I am really starting to wish I went bigger although they are a huge change to what I started with I had imagined they would be big
  7. Thanks for checking is MaisieF - honestly i had a rough few days. I had "morning boob" all day up until today and was quite emotional feeling like it wasn't worth it and that they are too small. AF arrived today so that explains my emotional break down this week. The pain is starting to ease again thankfully. How is your recovering going now? You have had a pretty hard time - i was very lucky the first few weeks, don't know how you've held it together? I was a mess after 1 week of pain x
  8. Woohoo! I am desperate to get back exercising - getting married in march and have 5kg to lose So after an amazing 2 1/2 weeks post op with minimal pain and being able to resume driving, washing hair, etc after day 7 i hit a wall For the last week or so i have had terrible pain in my left implant. The inner side of the implant (near my cleavage) was feeling extra heavy like the implant had leaned in and was harder then previously. My pain had increased and after a huge cry this morning i decided to call my PS's office. The nurse i normally deal with managed to squeeze me in an appointment thi
  9. Glad i'm not the only one hunching Ive had a bruised sore feeling in my left boob the last few days and today it feels quite hard and sore near my cleavage area - has anyone else had this? So many little things have been happening with them lately i'm turning into a paranoid nutcase - who really needs to get off google.
  10. Morning ladies, is anyone still hunching over alot? I'm 3 weeks PO and feel like the hunch back my back is aching more than my boobs do.
  11. Thanks for the reply - I'm 3 weeks PO. I have no other pain since then and the implants looks the same. There is no redness or lumps, will see how i go over the weekend.
  12. Hi Ladies, Driving home from dropping my son at school i got a sharp tearing feeling in my left boob - like the muscle had torn. My implant looks slightly bigger on that side today could that be the muscle releasing or should you not be able to feel anything? Thanks
  13. Hi All, Im late 20's mother of 2 - mr 6 and miss 3 from Brisbane. I work part-time for the QLD government and spend the rest of my time running after my 2 munchkins and our spoilt cat we adopted from the RSPCA a year ago. My partner and i are getting married next year after 7 years together (engaged for 6 yrs) which was what made me decide to bite the bullet and get my BA. I was going to wait until my 30 th but didn't want to look back on my wedding and honeymoon pics and think what if...? I love this forum - so supportive, great advice and have had a few paranoid/meltdowns which have been res
  14. Never thought i would succumb to boob greed until now- your boobs look amazing!!!! As do your lips x
  15. Goodluck with your BA with Andrew. I am 3 week post op tomorrow and can honestly say i'm beyond happy with the work Andrew has done. I had a super easy recovery, his nurse who I've called a million times post op to ask q's and make sure everything is ok has always been so lovely - the whole experience has been wonderful.
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