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  1. Its been a little while since i've been on here again and just catching up on this thread... Jehllie, your new boobs are looking sensational i bet you're soo happy with them!!! Thanks for posting the progress updates to let us all know how your experience has been!
  2. Hey Ladies :)! Sorry - I haven't been on here in a while! I appreciate your feed back as well! Seems Dr. Boonchai is where it's at! I'm super glad to hear that those of you that did go to PIAC had a positive experience. After having a few friends go over there to have their BA's done (a couple of years ago now) I was really looking forward to planning a tropical trip with a BA win-win, right?!! At the end of the day, I think choose what you feel most comfortable with! Bring on the boobies!! xx
  3. Holy crap!! I just saw your new boobs they look sensational!! So excited for you congratulations and speedy recovery x
  4. Hey There :)! Whilst on holidays in Thailand recently, I actually went to PIAC at the Phuket International Hospital for a consult with Dr Narupon (and to to have a look at the facilities). I have had friends go there and they have had amazing BA's done, so i was keen to check it out! (Prior to going in to the hospital i'd registered online and had sent through photos for the Surgeons to review). On arrival the hospital doesn't really look all that great or clean which is a little disheartening from the start. Once registering down starts you're given directions to the PIAC suite on the upper level. The PIAC consulting suites are fine, and all of the nurses and reception staff are very friendly and speak good english. You have your blood pressure, height and weight details taken with the nurse prior to heading in for your consult. I was eventually guided in to Dr. Narupon's consulting room, he was very vague, didn't ask any questions as to what type of results i was after, what type of implants i preferred, of what placement i had in mind. He did ask a little about my medical history and then proceeded to show me into another consulting room where the sample size implants were. I asked about the implants available, and he only provided the smooth round option. Dr. Narupon did some rough measurements (i ended up feeling like a bit of a white board once he was finished with me). I tried a few different CC sizers on to get a better idea of what things would look like, after all i hadn't come all this way for nothing. I didn't feel at ease with the whole process and there was certainly a lack of forthcoming information on their behalf. Personally, based on the experience i had with PIAC, i have chosen not to have my surgery there. In saying that, there was another young lady in there who had already been there for a BA once before, this time she was just going bigger and said she'd had no problems at all. I am still looking for the 'right' PS for me. Looking forward to my upcoming consults :)!
  5. Thanks Jehllie! How soon is your op?! I cant believe how quickly time has flown.
  6. Hey there Did you know that Dr M's office is actually at the top of the Quest Apartments building? Apparently Quest has a special rate for Dr M's patients all you have to do is mention that you're one of his clients and they offer a discounted rate. Convenient being so close!
  7. For all the June Tony gals, would love to here how you are all going / how everything went!! I'm hoping to arrange a consult with Tony when i'm next back from work. With all the positive comments so far, he definitely seems like the 'go to' man in Perth. All the best
  8. Hi Ladies, so glad I stumbled across these forums (total newbie here!) So refreshing to know that so many of us are in the same boat. I didn't even realise I had tuberous breasts until I had my first consult with a PS last week. Completely opened up my eyes to how complicated the correction process can be. Currently spending waaaay too much time reading through these forums but I just can't help myself as I can totally relate! It's so great to see how positive and supportive everyone is of each other's journeys!! Is anyone else from Perth?
  9. 27, no kids.. Planning for BL BA
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