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  1. I have 520 but defffff could have gone bigger!!!
  2. Babe im 173cm and about 70kg and I just got 520 hp, I could have DEF gone bigger!! 500 won't be too big I promise!! xxx
  3. When I stand really straight they look ok but if I relax they are still quite droopy at the bottom ? Having said that do I really want to have surgery all over again PLUS have the vertical scarring...its doing my head in!
  4. Hey lovely! Im only 3 weeks post op so im sure they will change a bit. I had 385 and now have 520 but honestly feel like I could go way bigger! I think in my head I just really wanted big round boobs with nipples that sat much higher but my boobs were always a weird shape to begin with so perhaps im just having unrealistic hopes?
  5. Hey babes! So I had my post op appointment. First thing Dr Kollias says is that my boobs were a really difficult case (great) and that the lift was hard as I didnt have much loose skin to work with. Now I can either be happy with my results, or in 12 months time he is happy to do the full lift as the skin will be stretched enough to do so. What are your thoughts on this? Is that normal? My boobs were very tight afyer surgery so I can get that bit but they still look quite saggy amd my nipples still a little low. I've posted a pic in my albums, any advice would be rad! I just don
  6. Hey babe, I had 385cc and got capsular contracture so with my revision went bigger with 520cc. It was the biggest he could fit but id definitely be happy with even bigger haha!! Ps...go BIG they never seem big enough hahaha!!
  7. L


    Thank-you girls I thought that was the case. xxx
  8. L


    Hey babes! I was supposed to get my bandages off on Friday but have the flu so had to cancel, ive taken my underboob ones off in the shower and it seems like the ends if the stitches are still there? Do I cut them myself or wait until next Friday when I see him?
  9. hon my stats are almost identical to yours, I began with 385 and they weren't huge AT ALL...ive recently had revision and now have 520 which are a MUCH better fit for my body (athletic build). If you are considering going larger...do it!!!
  10. update ? ok so I just saw the dr, he said that the scar tissue that had hardened around my implants was SO bad that by the time he had cleared it all out my skin was so thin and literally impossible to do the full lift...the implant he used was the biggest he could possibly fit which basically meant there wasnt even enough loose skin to do the lift. so im feeling much better about the whole thing, once they heal and drop a bit im sure they will be perfect...plus at least now I have alllll of the side boob hahaa! thank u for all of your advice and love girls ????
  11. I asked him to order 590 and also do a full lift (with the vertical scar) as he even said to me a donut lift wouldnt give me the best result. He is an excellent surgeon so im going to have to just hope that theres a reason as to why he has done what he has. My boobs do look quite wide this morning so im assuming the 590s didnt fit?
  12. That's why im so confused..just before surgery I said to him, so is the bigger (590) implant going to put strain on the incisions and he just said straight out no not at all! And now I have 520 and no lift ???
  13. Im reeeeally hoping that once they drop they will be ok but in my head I went in there today expecting to wake up with perky high nipples...I have the opposite ? I don't think I could go through all of this again it's just too much!! They look low right?
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