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  1. Hi all, the short story is that I love my 295cc boobies but I'd like to go bigger. The reason I choose 295 is because I'm a runner and didn't want to be weighed down by big boobies. Anyway now that boobies have settled and I'm running again etc I've realised that 295 is not that big and they certainly don't get in the way etc when I run and if I go bigger I don't think the running will be an issue as long as I wear supportive bras etc. I'm 9 months post op. I'm wearing 12DD bras but trust me they don't like they are 12DD naked. The reason I measure DD is because of the width of my implants. I have great side book but would like more cleavage and size generally with the revision. I'm 165cm and 60kg. I'm thinking about going up to around 350cc with the same mentor anatomics implants. I will have my revision with my original PS.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good injector in Brisbane (preferably in the city) ? I'm travelling to Brisbane and I'm thinking about having my fillers and Botox done in Brisbane. I have a good injector in Darwin however prices in Darwin are expensive because there is very little competition up here.
  3. Thanks Donatella. I'm excited about trying fillers. My injector is really good so I'm confident I will get a great result.
  4. Has anyone had 8 point lift with fillers? My injector has recommended mini 8 point lift but I've never had fillers before so mot sure what to expect.
  5. Has anyone had fillers in the Nasolabial fold area? If so, we're you happy with result etc? I get Botox in my forehead and 11s but my injector has recommended I consider fillers for the Nasolabial fold area.
  6. I also think you need a 10DD. I was measured to be a 10DD but ended up buying 12DD because it felt so much better than the 10. I have the same Bra that you are wearing in black, white and nude. This is my every day bra that I wear to work. Pics below are only 3 weeks post op. I'm now 4 most post op and the bra still fits me perfectly
  7. I needed a bra for under a top for a function and I ended up buying the complete comfort bra from bras and things. It has removable wires. That was 2 weeks post op. I still wear it today at almost 4 months op. They so have a Contour bra with removable wires. Both a very comfy and supportive.
  8. I got a heap of new bras 8 weeks post op and I really felt like they didn't fit me properly. Now that my boobs have settled at 14 weeks post op the bras are fitting me much better. Bras and things have a good selection of bigger cup sizes
  9. I'm almost 4 months post op with Dr Miroshnik. Inbox me and I'll send you some of my photos.
  10. I have 295cc anatomicals - in box me if you want to look at before and after pics
  11. Mine are also small 295cc so I think that helped with recovery. My sister in law got 400cc and she had a really bad recovery. I also didn't take the endone because that can actually make you feel worse and give you constipation. I only took panadol for the pain. I also took all of the other meds as directed. Endone was optional for me but I didn't think my pain was bad enough to take it.
  12. I went back to work 7 days post op. I was fine because I have a desk job. However my recovery was a breeze - shopping etc a few days post op. I also have two young children so found being at work was easier than being at home. I also flew back home at 5 days post op. The airport was hard because of luggage and children but my mum flew with us to help so that was fine.
  13. Sorry to hear that. My mum was really supportive of my decision. She was blessed with natural D boobies whereas I ended up with nothing. When I showed her my boobies before surgery she got really upset because she had no idea that I was actually so small and deflated from breast feeding. As surgery got closer I could see that she was anxious for me but that was more about the risks of surgery etc. my dad on the other hand asked my mum to talk me out of it which she refused to do and told him that it's my body and my decision. I only got 295cc so didn't end too big. Also my mum has Breast cancer so I was extra worried about telling her but she basically said that life is too short to be unhappy so I should do what makes me happy.
  14. Thanks for the update and the pics - the Bridgette looks awesome on you. I also ordered the Bridgette in both M and L in the top. The M and L are both too big around the under bust so I sent back and ordered the S++ and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I also ordered the other style triangl top in S++. The M bottoms fit me however dig in a little at my hips so I've kept the L bottoms because they feel more comfortable on me. I'm wearing 12DD bras and have 295cc implants.
  15. I also had BA with Dr in June. He is amazing and I've had a flawless recovery and my results are amazing. I started running 5km per day at 8 weeks post op with no issues.
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