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    BA Asymmetry on right side 170cc left and 315cc right under muscle with fat injections
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    Dr Anthony Connell 6th August 2015
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    173 cm 62.5kg

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  1. Hey Hooterstobe I have lived with Asymmetry my whole life. I didn't realise my situation was as bad until I made my appointment to see Dr Connell - 20 years in the making. I couldn't really find anything in detail on here on Asymmetry before I decided to go ahead with my Augmentation so I hope this helps. I am 42 years old with 4 lovely children including twinnies and a very supportive husband. My surgeon said I had a 30% difference in left and right breast. I had fat injections taken from my hip area (bonus!) and injected into the area above my right breast to fill a hollow area. Then implants under the muscle each side 170 cc on my left and 315cc on my right. Funnily enough, my nipples were the same height so implants and fat injections was all that was required. My surgeon said my surgery was like a breast reconstruction so there is a chance I may need to go back, but at this stage, I'm 4 weeks post op and it's looking very good! I'm very happy I went ahead with the surgery, I'm loving my new girls :))
  2. I had 170cc on my left and 315cc on my right, under the muscle. I went with Dr Connell in Perth whom I cannot recommend highly enough. He said I was his toughest client this year based on what was entailed as it's alittle bit like a reconstruction on one side. So far so good with results. I'm not sure where you're located but this site is very helpful, do your research on plastic surgeons to find the one that's right for you. Xx
  3. Hi Laa i decided after many years of feeling unsure if I was "worth" a BA. I have lived with a very noticeable Assymmetry my whole life too. I'm now 42 with 4 great kids and a supportive husband. The time was right for me to do this for me. I too had fat injections taken from my lower back above my hips. I am 3 weeks post op and I can tell you, it's one the best decisions I have made in my life. There are so many tops, dresses, bathers I am looking forward to wearing now without the constant worry of people noticing my difference. I will be able to go to the gym in singlet tops and not be worried my chicken fillet is going to creep out of the top of my bra onto my neck!! I work out a lot so I didn't want to go too big and I went for a natural look. Do what makes you happy! X
  4. mrs D

    August 2015

    Good luck Furny86 and Pepper9, I'm not admitted until 2pm tomorrow! And fasting from 8.30am :((( I've asked for a pre med!!
  5. mrs D

    August 2015

    hi, I'm at Cambridge day surgery, Perth staying overnight. Good luck, love to touch base with you after Thursday? X
  6. mrs D

    August 2015

    Hi Furny86 I'm also having surgery on the 6th. Where are you having it done? Getting nervous now.......
  7. mrs D

    August 2015

    Hi Everyone I'm booked in for August 6 with Dr Tony Connell in Perth Looking forward to it but also nervous!
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