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  1. Miss Bolt-ons you are so exactly right!!! I'm also so sick of hearing this absolute BS about the polyurethane coated implants having the lowest rate of CC blah blah blah. I got CC with these implants within a few short months, I had previous implants for 16 years with no problems. These very implants have ruined my chest. They were superglued on and I had to have my own breast tissue cut away to get the B****ards out. Like you I have had multiple issues. These implants are gimmicky, harmful and complete rubbish.
  2. Hello E, just checking in to see how you're feeling... I know how upsetting and consuming this is, it takes a huge toll emotionally. Thinking of you xxx
  3. E, I am so, so sorry you are still going through this. My heart goes out to you xxx I agree with Donna, it doesn't make sense to continue the cycle of implant - infection - explant - wait - implant etc. I'm not sure how many times that has been done now on your right breast but it would seem it's not working to get rid of the infection. Please don't feel embarrassed lovely, this is not your fault!!! It could happen to anyone. Your surgeon is a very reputable, you are sensible and knowledgeable and have done nothing wrong, so it's just one of those unfortunate things that could hap
  4. Oh E, this is just awful! I agree with Don, why do you keep getting these infections? Do they start while your suture line is not yet sealed? Or are they happening down the track - after the suture line is properly sealed?
  5. Personally I think the idea of wearing someone else's post op bra, even if it's only been worn 'a few' times is disturbing. Infection is very real people!
  6. Thanks so much for sharing that Kazza. I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. Are you planning to go back to the same surgeon for your revision? Given that your implants have rotated I would think (hope!) that he would do the revision for free or at least a big reduction. Good luck!!
  7. Hey Kazza, sorry to hijack this thread but can I please ask you about your rotation? I have anatomicals too and worry about rotation. Did you know they had rotated before you went for a check up? I always imagined it would be really obvious... like it would make you look weird. Are they uncomfortable/sore/painful? Is there no way they can be manually rotated back the right way? One of my friends had a rotated implant and she just manually moved it around and it went back to how it should be. Thanks for letting me bombard you with questions!
  8. Hi Miss Bolt-ons, So, so sorry to hear that you went through it too. I've just had my 3rd surgery AFTER having the brazillians removed, so 5 surgeries in total in the last year. This is to try and fix the damage that the brazillians did. As you said, they stick like glue and the only way to get them out is to cut away your actual breast tissue with them!!! I saw pictures of the removed implants with the capsule around them and my breast tissue still attached in places. Disturbing!!! We never, ever know when we might have to, or want to, have them removed and to have it
  9. I think the post op bra becomes like your blanky lol. Kinda gives me comfort.
  10. Hi Ladies, I know a lot of you on here speak really highly of Dr Revis and think of him as your "dream"" surgeon. I have no opinion either way but just came across this so thought I'd share https://www.realself.com/review/fort-lauderdale-fl-breast-implant-revision-breast-revision-bad?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NL2XWeekPMTH 2016-07-28&utm_source=Sailthru&rsuid=1502932&utm_term=All Other Newsletter#
  11. Please stay away from brazillians. They are horrible implants.They have a polyurethane coating which makes them stick like velcro. What they don't tell you is that the polyurethane coating breaks down in your body over a period of up to 2 years, leaving you with 'normal' implants after that time. Your poor body has to process the polyurethane coating which, when it starts to break down becomes a yellow, sticky, gooey mess. I know this because I last year I firstly had round brazillians put in. They looked HIDEOUS, I looked like a freak. Two weeks later the PS who'd done them agreed th
  12. Same. Have had 5 revisions, all day surgery. Complex capuslectomies with cc, and complications with brazillian implants adhered to my own breast tissue which required them to be cut out (along with my breast tissue). Still day surgery, with drains. Personally I think whichever surgeon you decide to go with should be the one to tell you whether you'll need an overnight hospital stay or they are comfortable for you to go home/to a hotel, as they will have a better idea of whether your revision is likely to be complex or straightforward.
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