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  1. Hi I’m again looking into getting my upper eyelids done I have emailed a few surgeons ! Anyone heard anything good about bayside clinic in moorabin and kew?
  2. I'm 14 cm and petite weird I know , I got 360 medium profile could of gone bigger to close gap but didn't want to be that big ,
  3. This is what I'm wanting to have done just found it too pricey , I only want upper aswell as its genetics and with age it's bugging me badly , how much did u pay if you don't mind ?
  4. Yep I suggest a stretch lace bra that's what I wear mostly they fit like gloves as its not padded and its stretch lace ,I love the Bendon yvette lace bra Le mystere are fantastic bras as they are fully round bases but if you are lacking cleavage you could struggle with the bra pocking out
  5. Yes yes yes you get it ! I'm over 4 months now I hated this feeling with my old implants aswell it didn't get better sadly ;( okay so scarf wrapped around the boobies lol
  6. Hi , I'm wondering if anyone else suffers pain and shivering boobs after implants ? As we had our first icy nights and mornings my breasts feel like the muscle is tensing at full force and holding on and trembling , they also push laterally very painful and annoying , am I the only one ?! And how do you ease this
  7. I started riding at about 6weeks just took it easy
  8. I'm just 4 months post op and I have this aswell ! I'm subgladular and I have this ! I hope it goes away
  9. Doesn't a new capsule form ,so eventually it wouldn't matter ? I had a capsulectomy and it didn't decrease my breast size ,the capsule depending on the contracture is still very thin would be talking mm ! Hmmm never thought about it before ,,,interesting
  10. Hope you doing okay @Huck thinking of you ?
  11. That's sucks big time , I'm just confused as you said you didn't want to be recognizable ? But there's some photos of you at end of video and I'm just wondering how he got those photos of you didn't want face in it , this they will ask you I don't agree with getting patients to sign anything before surgery unless it's the surgery consent forms , that to me is being put on the spot ! He should of talked about this pre op visits for sures , but I agree you should have a copy of the contract and he should have proof that he sent them to you (email ,post ) if not you may be able to tell him to re
  12. Would it be during day if it's midweek ? Really depends what days as weekdays got to get the kiddos but apart from that it's all good ! School holidays are coming up in 2 weeks ? How exciting
  13. Time to edit yes subfascial that's the one ! Had a shite day head is foggy lol
  14. If it were me ! I would go sub fascial that's not a under nor is it a over that way you can get back to it
  15. Hi me and my sister are looking into this procedure and she came across this name on another site ! Has anyone heard anything about this doctor ? Thankyou
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