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    Hi Ruby! Yes that is me in the profile picture. I think it was taken at about 3 months so have changed again since then. A lot more natural looking now I think! My stats are 157cm, deflated 10b from breastfeeding, 49kg and got 500cc XHP under muscle rounds.I was also very nervous but you have nothing to worry about he will take great care. When I look back I would do it all over again ! You'll have the meds so won't be in much pain. The hardest thing I found was trying to sleep half sitting up.
  2. chuckles


    Hi Ruby! I had surgery with Dr Chan in August last year. He was awesome! What size did you end up choosing?
  3. Hi! I got 500cc textured under the muscle Xhp. I did have some slight asymmetry but was pretty straight forward.
  4. So here are my progress shots. First photo is day 3 and 2nd photo is 14 weeks ( say 3.5 months) post op. Am hoping they will still change a bit more. Before was a deflated 10b and now a 10f
  5. Great news Maisie!! What size did you end up getting and where did you purchase it from? Thanks heaps for the feedback!
  6. HI! I love my new assets but am getting pain from straps being too thin and falling off. I usually have to buy convertible straps as my shoulders are narrow.Just wondering what supportive , everyday bras everyone is wearing ? I really like the BnT Complete Comfort Contour bra, but it only goes to size 10e , which I need a 10f. The top of the cup is cutting in and 12 dd does the same but is too big in band? Any ideas?
  7. Hi all. At the moment I am being sized at 10e/f depends on the brand.I am very narrow and have xhp and need help finding brands of bras with narrow wires? I am quite petite 49kg ,5'2 and the straps are also falling down. Thanks
  8. chuckles

    August 2015

    Another here happy to finally have boobs! I used to always buy the add 2 cups size bras by kayser xtra boost. Must admit too a little sad that august is over because it was such a big rush of excitement leading up to the BA. Am very happy to have gone through with it and all the helpful posts on here. Still have to check myself to make sure it's me in the reflection
  9. I'm also interested to get these! What brand / site are they off? Thanks!
  10. I went on referral from a friend also. His best advertising !
  11. HI! Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on brands of underwire bra's/(and or websites) they find fit them well and are comfortable. I'm petite, 157cm,49kg and am being sized at the moment as a 10E ( 2 weeks after surgery) .I know a lot of girls wear the compression ones but this is what my surgeon has recommended, so am going with that.Thanks in advance!
  12. Congrats!! I had my BA with Dr Zion Chan on 7th August and he is awesome! Very happy with results. Yours are looking really good!I too was very petite and second guessing myself but I think it's good to finally do something for ourselves, especially after having children!
  13. I have exactly the same thing Pagey and I'm 2 weeks post op tomorrow.Was ok for the 1st week as I didn't have to wear a bra, but now as soon as I put one on it starts itching ,drives you nuts! I've been rubbing bio oil on my breasts being careful not to get it near the incisions. I think it is to do with what the bra is made of. I had a cotton crop top on the other day and it was the worse. The bra I'm wearing at the moment is more of a microfiber and seems to be better.
  14. Thanks Gabby.That makes me feel a bit better
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