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  1. Hi Laura, I was only expecting to get a small size as I have quite a small frame also, 166cm and 50 kg , 10A ( couldn't quite fill out the cup size though ). To my surprise my dr said I could go 375. I love them, they are as big as I'd want to go , not any bigger. But no interruption or anything to my lifestyle, I exercise daily and have never had an issue with the size or felt like they were out of place. I had mine done in Bangkok and as far as I have read I think the doctors in Thailand are willing to go a sleigh,y bigger CC size than the drs here in Aus
  2. hi there, well i'm 166cm 50 kg and i got 375cc. I am a 10D to DD now ( 3 months post op. Pr op I was an A) i know it sounds like i went quite big but to be honest i think if i went any smaller id have boobie greed. all the people who i have told / shown say they look good and proportioned to my body. i'm really happy with the size. i can tone them down or push them up so hope this helps ! but like u said everyone gets dofferent results.
  3. how much did this cost if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Hi there All you July girls, it’s been a while since I've been on - mostly because I've been so busy being out & about in Thailand. Glad to see most of you girls are really happy post op, and girls who are having concerns, I am sure it just takes a bit of time to have them settle and fluff etc. Mine are definitely not looking “normal” at the moment ( quite pointy as I only had a small amount of breast tissue) but I'm only day 6 post op and can see such a change from the first day. Loving them, pretty happy with the size, but don’t want to be any bigger really so hopefully size doesn't fluff tooooooo much. I have gone unders, 375cc, high profile. Overall recovery has been really good for me, did have the p ain meds though which helped, only thing is my shoulders and back get pretty tight if I'm out for too long, feels fine though once I sit down and take some of the pressure off. I would definitely recommend for those girls pre op to have prunes, Metamucil, pear juice, laxetes or something there ready to have because he meds do tend to cause some issues there... We went out shopping post-op day 3, did get tired though. Each day I am able to last longer, today had a pretty much full day of shopping (with my wonderful boyfriend who was carrying all my bags) It was also great getting to know Miss Bonnie at the Bangkok Makeovers apartments... it is nice to have others there going through the same experience to speak to about it, share advice and concerns and things. I think for someone travelling alone this would be especially helpful Also, Dr P was great, very friendly and a great surgeon and Incisions very neat. He does like Big boobs so I think if you can fit them he will be happy to do them for you – he does of course make sure they are a suitable fit first. girls if you have any questions don't hesitate, hope everyone is going well talk soon !!
  5. MIss Bonnie and I are here, Miss bonnie wil be in surgery right now, I am due to go into surgery in about 30 minutes. have my size choses, had all tests and exrays done, I am so excited, Just cant wait.
  6. Not entirely sure to be honest, I am wanting to be a D by the end, so whatever the surgeon recommends I will go with. Based on what I have read I am thinking probably around 300-350...but that’s a pretty big estimation. I am wanting either moderate plus or high profile, but again this is just based on what I have researched so it will definitely come down to the doctors advise, and what I can fit in here...I am worried there isn't all that much room haha, I'm currently an A, and definitely don't have a lot of breast tissue, & my chest is quite flat with no fat or tissue really...I just don’t want to have the look Victoria Beckham had when she had her implants - ( I'm not as small as her though) so I guess it’s about finding the balance. I am going under the muscle and crease incision derzuz welcome to one of the July girls!! very exciting isn't it!! Miss Gc that would have been quite a shock to wake up without your new girls, glad all is going well - except for the pain in the left breast. sorry have no advise as I'm not getting mine for a few more days yet...
  7. its so hard, I am not too worried because I think I am going to be happy with anything around a D. Its hard to buy bras because with swelling and fluffing and all that goes along with it it seems like they can chage on an almost daily basis. ahh well, I am sure it will be fine. i suppose i can let you know in 4 days !!
  8. did any of you girls get prunes while you were over there...this is concerning me lol, i hate that " congested" feeling!! Looking forward to meeting you in person too Miss Bonnie, hae a safe flight!! keep all the updates coming girls is great to hear. I jsut went and bought 3 post op/sports bras today with my anticipated size...but after all i've read who really knows what size they will be by the end.
  9. Looking forward too it miss bonnie =)
  10. Heidi Jane I am on the same day as you, so very excited ladies!!! I think i might have to get some medamucil or something before i go it seems to be a common issue, i've also heard prunes are good, does anyone know if they are easy to get over there...I am sure Megan or Rachel At BM can help with that! No nerves for me just siper excited. started my arnica & Bromelaine, started my bio-oiling, cut out vitamins and drinking, got all my post toiletries ready...i think i am pretty much set - bring on those boobies baby!!!!
  11. noooo don’t use proactive, it's like putting bleach onto your skin!!! I’m a beauty therapist, and it is not a good product at all ! It may work now but it causes far greater effects in the long run, it is basically stopping your sebaceous (oil) glands from working. It stops acne and pimples in the short term as it stops production of oils, but your skin needs lubrication and oils, these oils form a protective barrier over our skin, this is what protects us from the elements( sun, UV, pollution, external toxins) and without this protective barrier you will age at a far greater rate. This is also why using soap on our skin is not good either. Sorry I don't mean to sound pushy or mean or anything like that, it’s just that the advertising by proactive is so misleading, it can cause the skin to be very sensitive for many years after use ( depending on how long you use the product for) Blemishes in the chin area are often hormonal, but there can be other sources to the problem as well. Have you tried a good quality facial scrub, defoliant, enzyme mask or peel . My favourite is a really active mask. I use a brand called Eminence. it is amazing - there is a really active, very stimulating treatment called Hungarian herbal mud, it contains paprika and cinnamon, so you skin becomes very hot and red ( all part of the treatment) but it is fantastic, get slugish skin radiant, gets the blood flowing which is pushing nutrients throughout the skin... well that turned into quite the little spiel there didn't it - sorry, I just get really excited and go off on tangents when it comes to skincare lol Could it be to do with change in diet or change in makeup/skincare….whiteheads are caused from within though, as opposed to blackheads that are caused from outer elements coming into the skin, that’s why they are easier to squeeze, whereas whiteheads are deeper/under the skin
  12. how soon before your BA are you going to star taking them? i have purchased arnica and was thinking of starting 1 week prior. I have also purchased bromaline after reading some positive advice/results about it in conjunction with arnica. - has anybody heard this is useful?
  13. yay not long now girls...till we get our girls hehehe
  14. My surgery is 11th July, with Dr P, going over with Bangkok Makeovers. I have my arnica & Bromelain forte ready to start taking about a week before and then after surgery - this is good for swelling and bruising. I thought Vitamin c was not good to be taking as it thins the blood and affects the clotting and heeling process? wanted to try and organise a sleeping tablet as i think that might be good to take if im in a fair bit of pain rather than taking heaps of pain killers. not sure what type of pain killer you can take, as they can't thin the blood. I have heard that rosehip oil is good for scars. Can anyone suggest what else i might need? getting my compression bra there. with regards to training have stopped trainning chest area now, keeping up cardio and weights on other areas
  15. Hello, sounds like your pretty well prepared. Just wondering what brand and where did you get the Arnica Tablets & Bromelain? i am wanting to start taking approx 2 weeks beforehand and i head off July 10th yay. i have had a look at a few chemists n things and they didn't really have what i needed.
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