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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Sawjin Tew 22 July 2015. BA 330cc Overs, Mod, Round Silicone
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    165cm 62kgs 10b
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    Stay at home mummy
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    My beautiful family...friends...the beach...shopping & food

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  1. I'm 165cm & 65kgs & i got 330 moderate profile and love them!!! In bras im a D cup but by looking them they look a nice full C. 350 will look great!!1 x
  2. I went with Dr Sawjin Tew. She is in Chatswood. Both mine and my friends Doc recommended her as she does a lot of micro & Reconstructive surgery so her results are amazing. I know 6 other girls who went to her and they all look amazing Good Luck xx
  3. I Haven't been yet SACER Im just trying to find a good place in Sydney that does it. Did you do yours in Sydney??
  4. Thanks Hun. Im going to look into it this week. xx
  5. Yes ive been wearing it since right after my surgery, it def helped but there still very red & a bit raised
  6. Hi Girls, Just wondering if anyone chose to have scar revision surgery because they weren't happy with their scars after their BA?? Were they better after the 2nd time?? I'm 1 yr PO & not that happy with mine as they are red and raised (Hypertopic scars). I'm going to look at getting Fraxel laser first to see if that fades them then if not i might do the revision surgery. Advice please!! Thanks girls xx
  7. Ive just started doing Bikram yoga 3 x a week and i love it!!! Im 6 months PO and can do most of the poses even the floor ones on my chest. If i find it a bit uncomfortable at all i just adjust it a bit or sit that one out (depends how energized im feeling that day). I tried doing it at 3 months PO but found it oo hard on my boobs. Id prob wait a while yet before you start, it is very hard. I got 330 moderate profile overs. I guess just ask your surgeon firstly. x
  8. Hi Girls, Just wondering if anyone has had any laser or Fraxel treatment on their BA scars?? Id love to know how well it worked and if you have any before and after pics you could share? Im not happy at all with my scars as they are red and raised still 6 months PO. Please tell me they will get better with treatment!!!! other side....
  9. Hi Angel77, im 7 months PO & both my scars look just like that, i hate them!!! there very red and raised. My surgeon advised me to put Cica Care silicone strips on them to help flatten them but over the past 3 months i've had them on i don't think they've really made much difference. At my last visit with her she said next time i see her (FEB) if they haven't changed she might inject them with something (she said what it was but i've forgotten) Im really hoping it fixes it because i think they look horrible. My girlfriend had hers done 6 weeks ago and her scars are hardly visible!! Ill keep you posted on what she says and does to mine. xx
  10. following this as my scars 6 months PO are red and raised still
  11. Hi Girls, It's been 6 months since my BA & my scars are still red and raised. Ive been using silicone strips on them for the past 3 months as per instructions from my PS but haven't seen much change in that time. Just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same so long after your surgery?? last visit to my surgeon and she said if they don't improve she will consider doing injections into the scars, has anyone had this done before and how successful was it? Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated xx
  12. Bailey


    Just requested to follow you on Insta emxoxo. Ta :)
  13. I've been told by my surgeon no upper body till 4 months. I'm 9 weeks now and I've just started bikram yoga (can't do some of the front floor poses yet) and I've been running from 4 weeks. :)
  14. okay great thanks Liss. I'll let the teacher know. I'm gonna try it tomorrow night but if I've got to sit out too much I'll just wait another month or 2 till I can comfortably do it all.
  15. I do. Every night. Just a tight singlet top. I'm 2 months PO:)
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