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  1. Hey girls, So it hasnt been a great start to my weekend my bf had txt me yesterday morning out of the blue while i was at work and told me i should move back home for a bit because we fight and bicker and he he said he thinks it would better our relationship. When i got home from work i had a chat with him face to face about all the peoblems we are going through which mainly are due to stress of bills and me not being able to be intimate as much as he would like due to problems that i am getting sorted through a specialist and not being effectionate enough . We chatted it out and it seemed all well and dandy ( even had an intimate session there about 5 times) he then went to work that night and told me he loved me and gave me a kiss goodbye and off he went then i get a txt while he is at work explaining he thinks i should move back home for a week or 2 cause us arguing has turned him off when i started questioning his actions he proceeded to tell me he didnt love me anymore. So i packed all my belongings and moved back home over night, he walked in to a half empty house and i woke to txt from him this morning saying that hes upset and that he needs me and he cant live without me and that its sunk in im really gone.. Plus had been txting me all night while he was at work talking to me like we were still together calling me the whole babe xx shazam saying im his best friend he still wants to talk and see me on his days off to make sure im ok and doesn't want me out of his life.. Can someone please give me some advice im heartbroken, mentally unstable and a mess i have been with him for 3 years have lived together for 2yrs owned a home for 1 yrs.oh & he takes steroids on and off nothing extreme. All of this has come out of no where i feel used and lost any advice from the outside looking in would be greatly appreciated xx
  2. Definantly go the 500s i got 470s and they dont look big to me at all!
  3. your experience is so completely different to mine its not even funny!
  4. basically within seconds of me putting my head down on the surgery bed i was out instantly. i woke up once during surgery and remember trying to take the mask off my face and hearing someone say omg shes awake and putting my hand back on the table (no pain was felt) and then they must have pumped more in me cause i went out straight away again. I woke up in recovery fine, And i told the nurse and she was trying to tell me i was hullucinating. I walked out of recovery within 5 mins of me waking up. I cant be sure of what they used in fact it was never mentioned in my consult what type of anesthetic was used and i never bothered to ask (which i should have). I guess i can only go by my experience and the way i felt and if they have used it on more than one patient in the past whos to say they havent been continuing to do so?
  5. I was completely knocked out in surgery as well :/
  6. If you want the big look i would definantly suggest going 565cc.. always go the bigger of the two sizers is what ive always been told that way you have no regrets. But man thats a lot of boob I told my surgeon i wanted the big fake look but not overly done for my body type (64kg, 174cm tall) he gave me two options but said if i didnt go the bigger i would be unhappy! So i went with 470 cc xhp & under the muscle. it is true you lose a certain amount of cc going under but its not much hence the fact most people go bigger when going under the muscle! Also going unders you will be out of weight training for a good 6 wks if not longer! I am a gym junkie myself and am 2 wks post op i am dying without weights but am able to go and do the bike and cardio (lightly) Do you have any inspirational pics of boobs you like? Hope this helped a little xx
  7. I tried a small on that my boyfriends mother had for hers and its way to small it hurts my boobs @natsacks how much love?
  8. Everyone is too nice on here Thank you ladies i can be a perfectionist and a tad bit of ocd when it comes to 'uneven' things haha. I guess i will just have to wait and stick to my massage schedule x its always nice to get others opinions though it can really put your mind at ease!
  9. Just wanted opinions on what you guys think about my boobs so far, they are really starting to bug me at how high one is compared to the other! Im only 2 weeks post op but i feel like they are just sitting so high still or maybe its just me.. my surgeon did cut me a new crease on both sides and im praying he hasnt effed it up leaving my boobs uneven ive attached some pics below the first one at the bottom is pre op and the one above it is post op day 3 on the left and 2 weeks on the right.. You guys be the judge!
  10. I would buy these as i onl6 have one post op bra but its a medium in size
  11. Me too @soren711 Im two weeks post op and still sore
  12. I have definantly calmed down a lot since i posted this.. my girlfriend suggested i take a photo in a bikini top and i did and i literally am blown away, we really are our biggest critics! @lwiz I didnt give him a cup size to be exact i just said i didnt want small and i didnt want massive i wanted a size where it would be noticeable but not over done, i also said i like the fake look and roughly dd if not bigger. Basically i didnt want pamela anderson tits! Haha He suggested a few things but in the end i just ended up asking him for his honest opinion & he basically said the biggest he can fit in me would be 470 cc and because i wanted the fake projection and more upper pole and i also was slightly tuberous in the sense i didnt have upper pole.. (i didnt reason being flat on top was considered tuberous but anyway so was shocked to hear this) he went with xhp. You have great results from just 450 that is crazy! You must be really stoked with them!
  13. bdayboobies


    I wasnt looking forward to my flight home either trust me! Haha it was a lonnngg 3hr flight i just tried sleeping as much as i could I am happy so far! I will be 2 weeks post op on tuesday. I was feeling a little down the other day but i realised now its just post booby blues and just me over reacting haha My doctor was dr kwok and i went through the bondi clinic! Only thing i felt was that the consult felt rushed because they are that busy!
  14. bdayboobies


    Hi Molly i had my surgery with tci on the 4th of august i was an interstate patient from far north qld, i flew 48hrs after the op and to be honest it was the most uncomfortable flight i have ever been on only because the pressure when your up in the air it can make you feel a bit uneasy! I stayed at quest bondi junction which is a 5 min walk from tci and used the cabs and ubers to go long distances other than thatbi walked everywhere! Must haves for me were: -Travel u shaped pillow for sleeping -arnica tablets -prune juice and chamomile tea for the bloating as well as metamucil! (After 5 days i wasnt bloated anymore) Zip up hoodies and button up tops Baby wipes for arm pits cause you cant shower for 24hrs after surgery and even so washing under your arm pits for the firat few days is weirdly impossible Also dont take the endone tablets unless you absolutely are in excruciating pain that is the tablet everyone tends to get nauseas and throw up on when taken. And try to take one carry on bag and one 20kg bag for both you and your carer it will make their job so much easier when leaving ! X
  15. I will be two weeks post op this coming tuesday! I know its a big implant but you know how the sizing and everything is completely different from person to person.. i think im having a moment i think way too much! It may be a big implant but it is xhp and they are quite narrow compared to the high profiles etc.. thank you for all your kind words! I dont know what id do without this forum xx
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