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    bdayboobies reacted to Aljen in info on TCI investigation??   
    I'm an anaesthetic nurse...my day to day job is to assist the anaesthetist inducing, during, and waking the patient. Sometimes I also work in the recovery room.
    Firsty, when having a GA you will always have a breathing apparatus placed by the anaesthetist to assist with ventilation. (It keeps your airway open as when you are unconscious you loose muscle tone) there are multiple types of airways, some are tubes and some are what are called LMA's. Your anaesthetist will decide which airway they want to use based on your size, shape of your face, length of procedure, if you have reflux etc etc. there are many factors they consider.
    secondly, like surgeons all anaesthetists have their own preferences, similar to the way all surgeons are different. There are multiple drugs that can be used for a GA and also for twilight/sedation anaesthetic. Again they design their anaesthetic on an individual basis, so what one anaesthetist uses for a GA on one patient will most likely be different to what an another anaesthetist uses on another patient. There is no black and white rule.
    a twilight anaesthetic can use the exact same drugs as a general anaesthetic so it is not necissarily cheaper, again it changes based on the patient and anaesthetist.
    Every patient who has an twilight anaesthetic needs supplementary oxygen while your dozing -the nurse wI'll put an oxygen mask on your face when your asleep (sometimes before) but the anaesthetic drugs usually give you some degree of amnesia so most people don't ever remember.
    In Australia it is illegal to physically restrain a conscious patient. If you are unconscious we do use table armboards and supports so that when the table moves (like when they sit you up to check your new implants are sitting nicely  )you don't roll off the table...
    Most people don't realise that becoming an anaesthetist is actually the same amount of years of study as the surgeon and just as difficult... It's a 5 year minimum course post the initial 7 years of med school and internship years.
    I hope that this has answered a few questions that people had about their anaesthetics
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    bdayboobies reacted to RH4K in info on TCI investigation??   
    I found it no different to a GA and was certainly not even remotely conscious during my procedure.
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    bdayboobies reacted to Moderator in post op bras 4 sale   
    Would you all be interested in a buy/sell/swap section of the forum? it is something we could look into adding if there is a demand for it
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    bdayboobies reacted to Pepper9 in Anyone seen this article on TCI?   
    Hopefully the controversy does what Dr Fleming said it should do in the article and get the various groups together to set the standards as to what is acceptable in the cosmetic industry. The only reason twillight is widespread is because its not as regulated and its cheaper. That doesn't mean it is better and appropriate to be used for this type of procedure. I'm no expert but I think there is a need for investigation and regulation. 
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    bdayboobies reacted to caramel in Anyone seen this article on TCI?   
    GA knocks you right out so you can't even breathe for yourself and require assisted airways. 
    twilight sedation to my understanding is just sedation where you are still able to breathe on your own but feel drunk/high and are at a lower level of consciousness so you wouldn't remember or know what's going on anyway.
    from what i have heard its pretty common to half wake up during surgery with twilight sedation but you shouldn't feel any pain because they usually inject the operating area with local anaesthetic which completely numbs the targeted area. everyones experience is different. two of my friends who have had BA under twilight recall waking up briefly during the surgery but not feeling any pain and been given more sedation to send them straight back to la la land lol 
    GA comes with its own complications and risks. 
    i read the article and the only proof they seem to have that TCI has done wrong is 1 person's word which could have been an error in communication. will be interesting to see the outcome but considering the popular and widespread use of twilight sedation during BA i don't really see what TCI would have to gain by putting people under GA. GA is more expensive too. 
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    bdayboobies reacted to RH4K in Anyone seen this article on TCI?   
    I also went with TCI. My experience is different again. I was not strapped down nor did they use a gas mask. I had a needle put in my arm and was out cold within seconds. I struggled so much in recovery trying to wake up. I literally could not keep my eyes open .
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    bdayboobies reacted to EMJ in Anyone seen this article on TCI?   
    Did you panic at all ? That sounds so scary love.
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    bdayboobies got a reaction from Pepper9 in Anyone seen this article on TCI?   
    basically within seconds of me putting my head down on the surgery bed i was out instantly.  i woke up once during surgery and remember trying to take the mask off my face and hearing someone say omg shes awake and putting my hand back on the table (no pain was felt) and then they must have pumped more in me cause i went out straight away again. I woke up in recovery fine, And i told the nurse and she was trying to tell me i was hullucinating. I walked out of recovery within 5 mins of me waking up. I cant be sure of what they used in fact it was never mentioned in my consult what type of anesthetic was used  and i never bothered to ask (which i should have). 
    I guess i can only go by my experience and the way i felt   and if they have used it on more than one patient in the past whos to say they havent been continuing to do so? 
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    bdayboobies reacted to Pepper9 in Anyone seen this article on TCI?   
    EMJ and bdayboobies just curious to know how you know you were knocked out? As I understand twilight you can be awake and in pain and thrashing around trying to stop surgeon etc but then have no recollection of being awake afterwards. Is it possible that as you have no memory you think you were knocked out or do you know that you were out??? 
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    bdayboobies reacted to Sarahsnewboobs in ATTN TALL GIRLS (Amazonian goddesses)   
    Thanks girls!
    most of the pics I showed him were girls with DDs but pretty sure they were all quite short, I trust him I have to go over 500cc to make it worth it, need it for the width if anything! Just don't wanna look huge you know! Going under might be better to avoid that really fake look.... His preference for me was over because I do have decent breast tissue as is... I'm not looking forward to not training for that long but thanks for the feedback re cardio bdayboobies! What size bra are you now? XHP would be quite different to the moderates I'm getting though I'm sure... 
    Thanks Newster, he said there is more chance of sagging with overs. I just like the recovery factor and was thinking if I can avoid all that extra pain and recovery time why not... Xx
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    bdayboobies reacted to natsacks in post op bras 4 sale   
    No worries ?
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    bdayboobies got a reaction from Sarahsnewboobs in ATTN TALL GIRLS (Amazonian goddesses)   
    If you want the big look i would definantly suggest going 565cc.. always go the bigger of the two sizers is what ive always been told that way you have no regrets. 
    But man thats a lot of boob  
    I told my surgeon i wanted the big fake look but not overly done for my body type (64kg, 174cm tall) he gave me two options but said if i didnt go the bigger i would be unhappy! So i went with 470 cc xhp & under the muscle.
    it is true you lose a certain amount of cc going under but its not much hence the fact most people go bigger when going under the muscle! Also going unders you will be out of weight training for a good 6 wks if not longer! I am a gym junkie myself and am 2 wks post op i am dying without weights but am able to go and do the bike and cardio (lightly) Do you have any inspirational pics of boobs you like? Hope this helped a little xx
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    bdayboobies got a reaction from pink butterfly in opinions on nipples at different heights?   
    Everyone is too nice on here  
    Thank you ladies   i can be a perfectionist and a tad bit of ocd when it comes to 'uneven' things haha. 
    I guess i will just have to wait and stick to my massage schedule  x 
    its always nice to get others opinions though it can really put your mind at ease! 
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    bdayboobies reacted to MelbGal in post op bras 4 sale   
    I've got two medium Carefix Anna post op bras if you would like to take those  one black one white 
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    bdayboobies reacted to pink butterfly in opinions on nipples at different heights?   
    As frustrating as this is, I think it's still early days. Two weeks post op is not very far along and your body would still be doing massive healing. Each breast can have its own time with the D and F process. Maybe wait until 6 months post op and if still not happy, go and see your surgeon. All the best with everything. x
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    bdayboobies reacted to CandiceHasBoobies in opinions on nipples at different heights?   
    It's still early days. They'll drop more. And don't worry if theyre uneven at the moment, they'll heal and drop at seperate rates. Although they'll never be perfectly even, but the difference is barely noticeable. I wouldn't have picked it out if you hadn't pointed it out.
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    bdayboobies reacted to Comtom in opinions on nipples at different heights?   
    I actually like where they're sitting.  I think they look great. 
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    bdayboobies reacted to MrsAlwaysRight in opinions on nipples at different heights?   
    Mine did something similar at about 3 weeks PO, one was looking straight ahead, the other at the floor....as the others have said it is really early days yet and there are lots of changes to come. You need to wait till you are at least 6 months PO
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    bdayboobies reacted to Sagittarius in August 2015   
    initially my nipples were sometimes painful and sometimes numb but for the past few days they have been really painful and the slightest brush against them or run with clothing is so painful. 
    Also had my first day back at work today and am so sore. 
    Do any of you girlsfind that one breast is much firmer and more sore than the other? I feel like my right breast looks the same however feels more firm and always constantly sore/I am aware of some tightness  happening there whereas I have little to no problems with the left even though it has a bigger implant. 
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    bdayboobies reacted to soren711 in JULY 2015   
    I'm so over being sore. When does it stop?
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    bdayboobies reacted to lwiz in Feeling down!   
    I have similar stats to you, I went 450cc and straight after surgery was measuring at a 10F, then after the swelling went down I came down to a 10E, and at 6 weeks I'm back at a 10F and definitely still feel like i'm getting bigger. 
    What size did you tell you surgeon you wanted to end up?
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    bdayboobies reacted to Molly in TCI   
    I just want to say a big thank you to all you ladies for your advice, I'm glad I joined this forum, I'm feeling much more relaxed and super excited! 
    Please keep any advice coming, it really is great to hear everyone's experiences. 
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    bdayboobies got a reaction from Molly in TCI   
    Hi Molly
    i had my surgery with tci on the 4th of august i was an interstate patient from far north qld, i flew 48hrs after the op and to be honest it was the most uncomfortable flight i have ever been on only because the pressure when your up in the air it can make you feel a bit uneasy! 
    I stayed at quest bondi junction which is a 5 min walk from tci and used the cabs and ubers to go long distances other than thatbi walked everywhere! 
    Must haves for me were:
    -Travel u shaped pillow for sleeping 
    -arnica tablets 
    -prune juice and chamomile tea for the bloating as well as metamucil! (After 5 days i wasnt bloated anymore) 
    Zip up hoodies and button up tops 
    Baby wipes for arm pits cause you cant shower for 24hrs after surgery and even so washing under your arm pits for the firat few days is weirdly impossible
    Also dont take the endone tablets unless you absolutely are in excruciating pain that is the tablet everyone tends to get nauseas and throw up on when taken.  
    And try to take one carry on bag and one 20kg bag for both you and your carer it will make their job so much easier when leaving ! X 
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    bdayboobies reacted to Molly in TCI   
    Hi, I've booked in the have my BA with the cosmetic institute bondi in October. 
    Im travelling from Adelaide to have this done. Can anyone give me some feedback on their experience with them? Especially those that have also traveled interstate? I am getting nervous lol!! 
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    bdayboobies reacted to mycosmeticjourney in Makes me second guess TCI !   
    I went with TCI and I think my results are great. There will be good and bad results with every surgeon. I don't really think there would be a surgeon out there with a 100 per cent clean track record. Complications can happen with anyone. 
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