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    BA at TCI wanting a full perky look with amazing cleavage :P hoping for 10dd currently a 12B
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    Dr lee 29/07/2015
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    159cm, 47kgs ,12b

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  1. I am two days post op and literally look like im going to give birth, what actually causes it ! ?
  2. No that's totally fine thank you you for your advice and kinda words! Xx
  3. They said my anxiety won't be a problem with getting me under but im worried if I cry if they will think Im not ready? Do yous know anyone who has had surgery cancelled because they got upset before surgery? I bought a colour yourself calm colouring in book which im hoping will ease the nerves , I just know waiting on the operating table and in the room before hand will stress me . Ive never ver had surgery !
  4. Unfortunately due to the anaesthetic they use I can't take Valium ? ! I'm feeling fine atm but I know the day of surgery im going to be nervous and im worried they will decide not to operate !
  5. I have received my email from TCI confirming my surgery in two weeks and they say that if at any point and time they feel is necessary they can cancel the surgery if it is going to effect your physical or mental health ..... I suffer from anxiety which they are not letting me take my herbal medication for the next 4 weeks so I won't be very happy if they make the decision not to operate because of my anxiety when I have already let them know and said it will be fine . Has anyone heard of there surgery being cancelled due to anxiety, as I do get nauseas with my anxiety? Thank you !
  6. Wow thank you girls !! Defintly have calmed my nerves , I have to admit my biggest fear is not going big enough and spending all that money just for a slight change , I can't wait to have my consult and find out what I can go I really hope I feel calm on the day! Never had surgery so that's a first as well xx
  7. Hello i have have surgery in just over 2 weeks and I keep rethinking if I should do this or not ? Was wondering if this happened to anyone else ? Im really worried I'm going to get them done and not like them and want to have them taken out, or that they won't feel like they belong in my body if that makes sense ? can you actually feel the implant inside you like a foreign object or does it feel natural ! thank you ??
  8. My anxiety is really bad when I don't get a good sleep, my heart pounds really bad , when you say be prepared do you mean herbal remedies or like a bag to breathe in ? I'm really bummed that I can't take my herbal remedies 2 weeks before and after my surgery i have no idea how im going to go on a plan 4 nights after surgery :/ so good to hear that you have been feeling better though over the last year
  9. TCI1993


    How many days do you have to avoid the shower ?
  10. Thank you!! I must look in acupuncture ! I've never thought of that for anxiety in general ! It's such an annoying thing to suffer from, but I didn't let it stop me from the surgery. I've never had any type of surgery that may be why I'm nervous . Oh Wow where did you have yours done newbie93 ? xx
  11. Thank you ladies i have heard that if you freak out the surgeon will make the choice of not operating if he thinks your not ready? I don't know how correct that is but have seen someone say that to someone else who was having a BA :/
  12. Hey im new to the plastic surgery forum and am an interstate patient from perth , travelling to Sydney to have a BA at TCI Bondi wih DR lee . Was wondering if anyone has any reviews and if he is good with his clients , and caring ? He has no photos on the TCI websit when all the other doctors have before and afters? i suffer from anxiety and have to stop taking all of my herbal remembered two weeks before my surgery and two weeks after surgery, is there any reassuring words or any tips to keep the anxiety levels down at the time, I feel great atm but I once I go into the room on the day I have no idea how I'm going to react! Thank you in advance ?
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