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  1. Hey also, off to purchase post op bra tomorrow from body plus but I've seen kmart now have very comfortable looking zip up front crop bras. Anyway they look perfect so I figure I'll buy one carefix bra then a pair of the kmart ones (pack of two $19, black/nude). That way I can pop kmart one on while the other is being washed etc and will use further on post op when not as much support is needed. So check them out if your looking for an alternative will post pic when I get them.
  2. Hello ladies I've finally booked my surgery 9th august! Bit late to the convo but super excited so joined in lol. Booked with dr. Watts (perth)
  3. Hey ladies just a quick q for all of you who have been to piac through whichever route. Just wanting to know if there was much variation in cost between the approximate 115, 000 baht roughly 4, 500 aud for ba compared with the quote given after physical consult. I'd just like to be prepared in case it does increase a lot or just a little. I know it depends on your anatomy and individual needs/wants but thought maybe there was a few who wouldn't mind sharing. I've sent photos for initial approval still waiting for response. Hoping to see Dr. Boonchai March 2016 ?
  4. Yes he did begin to explain minnie mouse but at tht point I'd closed down a bit as I knew it wasn't going to happen. I do have very slight assymetry which I explained was fine I know they aren't going to be perfectly even and I wasn't looking for that I just wanted volume. It was strange mini mouse because I'd read a lot of reviews on him being a great guy warm nature and jokes and making you feel comfortable but I felt none of those things ... just awkward. Perhaps TCI are avoiding taking on cases that have increased potential to not work out due to being in the limelight at the moment. Which I don't blame them I'd rather be turned away than have them do it n e way and just leave me to get on with it so I'm glad of that. I'd like to say cost isn't a factor but it is... and the Dr's in piac particularly dr boonchai have an impressive academic profile fully trained ps and for a very reasonable fee. Plus the idea of my family being able to come too and have a little holiday somewhere beautiful is enticing too. Ill let you all know how I go cheers for suggestions and advise ?
  5. Did you post about it GeeK I think I may have read about it. Yes not that pleasant still feeling a bit miffed spent money on flights etc but thts the risk I took really. I was just surprised aswell I had a consult here and my max was 600cc well thts a big difference in my mind... he didn't seem confident at all. Where are you looking now?
  6. Hello ladies! Has been a very long time since I've posted on here but it seems my road to boobies has taken an unexpected turn. So I had booked with TCI then had a minor freak out after a consult in perth. It was just for an idea but I loved the surgeon, was just concerned he only did overs. N e who I got over that and continued with my TCI plans ... Well I traveled to bondi and my consult went a little like this... 20 mins late for a start. Introductions to dr lee. Brief discussion on him having lived in wa(same as me) how he didn't want to do cancer patients anymore (understandable) and other non related things. Then take of top then bra Decide to get 2nd opinion from Dr dash Dr dash said yep all good no problems ( they agreed my submitted photos looked far worse than in real life but I knew that) Did measurements by drawing on me and measuring between those points got bwd 14cm. Must mention his hands where shakey and did a lot of squishing pulling to get an idea for give in skin I guess (wasn't pleasant) Asked me what I'd like I explained round full fake when naked etc. Then he disappeared again and said once back that we could only do 415 cc low profile which is the exact opposite of what I want. Disappointed I said I wouldn't want that and before I cancelled I tried on sizes he'd suggested which I didn't like. My friend asked if I could try the size I'd had in mind to which he said no and then said he though it best we didn't continue with procedure as I wouldn't be happy. I agreed and then was shown out. Whole process maybe 20 mins. Now I was teary at this point I was feeling quite disappointed and I know it's in my best interests not to proceed but he was nothing like what I expected no humour or jokes no warm personality and very quick to can the whole operation I feel I was put in the too hard basket. So ok crisis averted I'm now looking into dr boonchai of piac and going though restored beauty destinations or someone similar. My question is... is this a good choice? Anyone have experience with either the provider or surgeon and am I just jumping onto the wagon too fast? I'm feeling a bit lost because I feel like I should have my boobs already and feel a bit foolish for rushing off to get them done without a consult a while beforehand to really think about it. I've researched non stop I know the ins and outs pros and cons but eventually it just boils down to trust in your surgeon and the procedure. Soo what do u think girls. I'm seriously thinking it's a good idea but I'm not sure if I trust my decision making atm ?
  7. WOW! Thanks caramel you sure have got yourself sorted! All sound like fabulous suggestions think I shall have to write me a list and get to kmart and priceline Pronto. Surgery in just over 4 weeks so excited! ?
  8. Hi ladies! Can anyone link me to that extensive pre/post op essentials list that was compiled between you all? I cannot find it anywhere and at page 49 I gave up searching! Tia ?
  9. Wow this would be amazing I hate not being able to sleep on my tummy ... pregnancy was the worst lol. Be interested to know tho ?
  10. I have just recently been in the same boat as you .... I did a fair bit of research and it seemed rates of cc are roughly the same either under or over. I had a surgeon recommend overs and I was really taken with him and the size option but I would not want the sagging and I really love to have definition in the upper pole so now I am hoping for a dual plane placement also. I'm off to see a surgeon that offers both see what he says ?
  11. Is your hubby around or anyone. I anticipate the most difficult will be being unable to lift or move my crawler at bedtimes and just if he crawls away somewhere. How old are your children? I think after a few weeks it should get increasingly easier but it's just running the the risk of ruining the 8 plants etc. Is there any help you can seek?
  12. You can get it from the pharmacy barbalicious. My local priceline has it in a tiny oral tablet or a topical cream
  13. Hey there mummyx4, im interested to see too. I am booked with dr lee @tci and I too am deflated after feeding my three babies. Such as ghastly word just went online to find another more pretty term for it but all I got was kaput which pretty much sums up my little fried eggs hahaha
  14. Aww good Heather I'm glad others are benefiting from the thread! It would be so difficult to organize care after the fact when we finally did realize it wasn't enough time to heal sufficient enough to do day to day things. Oh and the comment mentioning a cleaner... sounds brilliantly luxurious. Think I may have to convince hubby that this is the way to go lol.
  15. Thankyou lovely ladies! I am now in the midst of organizing/concocting a plan of care hehe. Definatley don't want to damage my future fabulous assets. I think deep down I knew I'd need more but I was just hoping by some miracle I might get by buuut why risk it. Thanks Mezmoz I'd love to friend request you only I don't know how maybe you could for me? I'm still trying to work out what the little number is beside my name lol. Oh and my first born son he too flat out refused to crawl until I made him a little path out of these heinz nutrios (little baby snack things). I should of known he'd move for food hahaha.
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