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  1. I'm a year and half post op, I had 365cc and 375cc under the muscle tear drop. Going in I was so self conscious about not wanting to draw attention and not having massive boobs. I was a empty A cup and now a DD. I have broad shoulders so achieving cleavage without a bra was inevitable, there very natural looking but now I'm wondering, if I want them bigger and more round? So my question is, how many girls have gone back to go bigger? And how soon? Sometimes they look big and other times I wish I had just gone bigger. So unsure as what to do, and wether to cough up the amount again and go for round 2!!!!
  2. I'm 6 months post op and have just booked to go skydiving at the end of next week. I remember reading something saying you couldn't jump until after 6 months post op. Just double checking this right or does anyone know if it's a problem? thanks xx
  3. I train mauy Thai and the 12 weeks after my ba was absolute hell for me. I had to watch what I ate cause I train so much and then couldn't train. As soon as the 12 weeks was up and I felt I was comfortable I got straight back into training! Took me a few weeks to get back into push-ups though
  4. out of curiosity, did your surgeon tell you anything you could do to help your cleavage form? My surgeon told me I'll always have a gap as I have large anatomy but I didn't realise it would be this bad
  5. I'm curious aswell, as I'm 6 months post op and have a large gap. My surgeon told me there was nothing he could do about it and I thought I'd be fine with it as he re-assured me but now I'm not quite sure
  6. Thanks ladies! I'll defs wait, wouldn't ever forgive myself if something happened 😁
  7. Hi girls im comming up to 6 weeks post op, but don't have my follow up appointment till next week due to work. Do I need to wait to get my surgeons all clear to resume weight training? And with running? Can I just slowly start to run? Or best to wait till I see my surgeon. Thanks x
  8. Nope just went in and told him what I wanted to achieve and he told me what my options where I have pics haha Im not great using this thing lol I'll have to work it out tonight to upload some pics onto it
  9. I saw him for the consultation obviously, I meant day of surgery! He came in Drew on me and that was it last I saw him! I was an A cup and wanted to be a c. He recommended that I aim for a D or DD (365cc) as I have broad shoulders (swimmer lol) he asked what look I was going for and I said I wanted natural looking, so he suggested Moderate unders with dual plane to give them abit more volume and I'm happy with my results though wishing I stupidly didn't agree to 365cc and went bigger haha (just boob greed)
  10. Thanks Als, I just had a look. I think yours look great! I hope mine look like that!!!! I think for the long run moderate profile will suit me better im broad shouldered and was worried HP would look way to fake! But thanks for the tips!!!! 😁😁
  11. Thanks Hun! Yea there rounds, there's not much I can do as I'm asleep lol. Well hopefully next couple of weeks things drop nicely. Thanks for the advice!!
  12. I got moderate profile under the muscle. I love them because there bigger haha just not sure if I should have gone HP cause I keep seeing all these photos of girls with amazing cleavage haha. Hopefully they drop and fluff and are perfect. I'm sure they will be. thanks girls! Also out of curiosity, you know how surgeons say to not put your hands above your head for awhile, I keep waking up at night with my hands above my head. Should I be concerned lol?
  13. So I had surgery 2 weeks ago, and of course I love them already cause they're bigger than what I had. Started with an A cup, went with 345cc L and 365cc R moderate. Now though I feel like I could've gone bigger and wether or not I should have gone HP... I was told though I'll have a 2cm gap between my cleavage because of my chest muscles. So I wonder if that's why I was pushed to go with moderate? Anyway anyone else felt like this abit?? I'm sure I'll love them even more when they drop 😁
  14. Hey Girls! i had surgery with Dr Dash 2 weeks ago!! His pretty good I barely saw him before my surgery though! And didn't see him after. But other than that I love my new boobs! Only thing is in starting to wonder if I went big enough haha (suffering boob greed)
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