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  1. Hey ya, Just tried to send you a message but you have no more memory left! Ill leave it for you here lol I'm only going for the 7 days - I wanted to stay longer but they were fully booked, and only just squeezed me in! I'm wanting to shop (malls and markets), see an elephant sanctuary or the zoo, go to a ping pong show and a muay thai fight as well as visit temples.... I'm planning on being VERY busy!!! I hope my body keeps up! I definitely plan on getting two bras. I'm wanting to go for a DD-E cup. Any bigger and I'm worried I wont be able to find nice bras to fit - you could never buy anything nice bigger then a DD (and you would be lucky to get it in a DD) in NZ until Bras and Things came over. I run a lot and just hope I'm recovered enough within the 6 weeks and I can get a really good sports bra to fit :)