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  1. Hi girls what spray tan you you love getting? naked tan, black magic, techno tan, sun fx? Any others? Tia
  2. Hi Hun $200 but you can get a referral to get it cheaper x
  3. Hi hun i went through Mark and had a wonderful experience & results
  4. Hi girls i just would like to say Dr Mark Lee in Perth is amazing & I highly recommend him. I'm so very happy with my BA & the experience was fantastic, I couldn't fault anything. From all the staff & Mark himself "AMAZING"
  5. Thanks for the advise girls i ended up getting 1ml so glad I did
  6. I just had mine done by Alexandra Earnshaw-Registered Nurse @Mark Lee Plastic Surgeon Suite SJOG. i got 1ml Juvederm, love it.
  7. hello im booked in to get my lips filled next week with Juvederm, the nurse recommended 1/2 mil first go and I can always add more as I don't want a dramatic look straight up. Has anyone got pics of 1/2 a mil they could show me? Thank you X
  8. I went with Mark, he is amazing and I love my results ?? Mentor silicone, Textured, Round, HP, Dual Plane, 500cc. 14oct2015
  9. Hi girls:) can I join this group? im booked in for BA on the 14th of October with Dr Mark Lee Subiaco. Super excited, the wait is driving me crazy! I even dream about new boobs now haha!
  10. Did anyone have Slight Asymmetry before BA, did your dr offer different imlant cc to correct them or moving nipple? Or just left it at both same implant size? Thank you
  11. hubby doesnt want to big but I do haha!
  12. Consultation done?Dr Mark Lee in Perth, he was amazing!BWD 13Pre op a/b163cm52kg500cc Mentor HP dual plane Anyone have the same stats and went this size? Any pictures?Did anyone regret going there max?do you think they will be told big, should I go 400? I did not expect to be able to go so many cc my first BA
  13. so excited, I have booked my consultation next week with Dr Mark Lee!!!! What questions did you ask? Does anyone have a list I could copy and take up? ????? Any girls that went through Dr Lee could I please FR you to see before & afters? I have breast fed my 2boys & im a deflated b
  14. Rad1977 I have a 14mnth & 3 year old hubby can have a week off but my mum said she can help
  15. Hi girls when could you change your babies nappy? & when could you dress & feed them your self? aww that sucks hope your feeling better???
  16. hi hun are you able to add me? Would love to see before & afters if possible ?
  17. hi how did you go? And who did you choose? X
  18. Hello girls can anyone please add me on here or Instagram if your BA dr was either Dr Mark LeeDr kailis Dr Edward van been does anyone have a Instagram for theirs BA journey? I Really would like to see before and after pics..Which out of these Drs give a larger breast look?tia x
  19. Anyone had BA with Vijith Vijayasekaran in perth?
  20. Hello girls im really struggling who to choose for my surgeon. It's out of Dr Tang, Dr Lee or Dr Duong. I love all their work. I'm really after a surgeon to give me my desired look for the larger breasts. I'm a B and I have seen before and after pics with an A going to E/F. Please help me choose TIA x
  21. Hey girls anyone flying from perth to Sydney TCI? what dr did you go with? Any complications flying home? What was your overall cost? did you find anyone in perth similar cost? thank you x
  22. Hi what dr did you choose at TCI? what dr gives you what you want? (I'm after a large set after having two boys) what was the price including flights & accommodation? From perth...is it worth getting them done in Sydney instead of perth? all your experiences would be much appreciated. Thank you xxx
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