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    sugery booked for 06/08/15
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  1. Im 4 and 1/2 weeks post op. im haven't been sore for over a week. Have been back at the gym, mainly power walking on the treadmill and situps. But today I jogged for about 5 minutes. Was good. Healing time for me has been really fast!
  2. Did you get a standard U shape pillow or a memory foam one? Just curious whether i should spend $15 or $70...
  3. U shaped pillows for post op sleeping, is this something i should get??
  4. Im going under the muscle for two main reasons. 1. my breasts will look and feel more natural 2. it has less chance of effecting my milk ducts and glands for when i have children
  5. Of course I dont want to loose the muscel and my strength that ive worked so hard for... my main concern is my weight. I use to be a size 12, now a size 6-8. my eating is good but I know its my fitness routine that keeps me looking good. Scared of being fat in 6 weeks :'(
  6. Im a fitness freak. Have been advised that i wont be able to do full exercise until after 6 weeks post op. has anyone been able to exercise before this? are there any good types of exercise which i can do during this time?
  7. Im using cosmeditour on the gold coast for my boobies. Paying about $7000 with their august special
  8. Does anyone else fear that they get their dream boobies but then they regret not being natural? Thats my fear. im 26, booked in for 6th august, all paid. B to D
  9. My surgeon prefers silicone gel implants and doesnt seem to like the brazillians im leaning towards the silicone gel
  10. unsure of which implant i should go for.... any tips?
  11. who was ur surgen? how did u find the consult? im booked in for 6th August
  12. Im about to have my first consult via CosMediTour for my new boobies. Has anyone used them recently? how r they? how was ur surgeon? did anyone use any of their specials $$??
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