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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Ali Hussain. 9 July 2015
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    166cm, 55kg, 10A
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  1. My surgery was on a Thursday n when I was asking dr Ali what time, he told me the hospital would call me the day before surgery to tell me the exact time. They ended up calling on the Tuesday afternoon but it seems like they can't/won't give u an exact time till the last few days. Good luck with ur BA
  2. Hey, I'm only 1.5 weeks post op but just wanted to say that in the first few days I hated the look of my boobs too. They seemed too small, too hard, too high, and yes, too painful. However, within such a short time I've already seen an amazing difference to how they first looked and I'm almost feeling like my normal self again. They're already dropping and relaxing which makes them look and feel bigger, softer and more natural. Unfortunately a BA is not an instant procedure and we will be seeing changes to our new cleavage for many months from now. Some people even say they see changes till 1 year post op. So just be patient and give it at least another 6 months before making any serious judgements. Be positive and have faith that once the pain n swelling subsides, you'll start to love ur new boobs and then even more so once u get to play dress up with them at bras'n'things maybe u could take some photos every few days to see what's changed, either way, trust me it'll change. I was also an A cup previously n honestly, almost anything bigger than that is a success so I'm sure you'll be just fine with ur 390cc's All the best for ur recovery.
  3. I believe for some it can take several weeks and for some it can take several months. Everybody is different and many factors affect the rate at which the implants settle such as age, the elasticity of ur skin, breast n muscle tissue, the placement of the implant ect. So the only suggestion I can give you is patience my dear
  4. OMG I know! He loves his photos haha! But it's not just the selfies, he really wanted me to make a video pre n post op as well but I really didn't want to do it. It made me kinda uncomfortable as he was really insisting that I do it but I just kept making excuses n refusing. I mean I know he wants it to show to potential or hesitant patients or whatever but I just couldn't do it so I said he can just take before n after photos but don't include my face n that's what he did. I'd just prefer to keep my business private. Sorry to hear about ur back. Hope u feel better now. I'm sure it wasn't the most delightful journey but when u look at ur new boobs it's gotta be all worth it now right? Plus u can sleep however u want now!! Something I am truly missing I can't wait to be 3 months post op. N I know my scars will be nasty too. I tend to scar badly n I feel these will be all dark n obvious too. I hope the massaging n rose hip oil works for u.
  5. Hey ab1990, Thanks n yeah that's what I'm hoping will happen. Will just have to wait n see. Pre-op I was terrified I'd be left with those big ugly telltale scars under my boobs, now I'm terrified I'll have those big ugly telltale scars on my boobs! I can't wait for that drop n fluff so I can see what I'm working with here lol. I'm only 2 days post op so have a fair way to go. Sorry if I am wrong, but u had ur BA with Dr Ali a few months back didn't u? How has your recovery and results been so far?
  6. Hey Kaylah, Congrats on ur new boobies yey! I got 450cc hp dual plane placement. Started off with an A cup so can't wait to see what I'll end up with once they settle. I agree Dr Ali is great. The staff at the hospital were wonderful too. Only issue I have is that my incisions are a little up on my boobs rather then right in the crease... but I'll just have to wait n see how that works out n take extra good care of the scars n it should be fine.
  7. I don't know if I'm allowed to name names but there r a few great websites that u can search through before n after photos n profiles of BA patients based on the age or weight range of the patient n the amount of ccs their implants are. Find a before with a similar build and breasts as yours then see what result they got with how many ccs n which placement. Your results might not be exactly like theirs but it should give you a good idea of what u may end up with. Have you had a face to face consult with Dr Ali n tried on the sizers or was it a FaceTime/Skype consult? He does a lot of BAs n seems to know the tricks to keeping it natural such as under or over placement n the amount of ccs ur chest can take before it starts looking unnatural so just make sure u tell him or show him pictures of what u'd like to achieve and he'll tell u how he thinks you can achieve it.
  8. He suggested dual plane for me. I think it all depends on the look you're going for, whether or not you have a very active lifestyle and the amount of breast tissue you already have. I was an A and wanted a natural look so that's why he said dual plane placement as the implant would be more concealed that way. If I had bigger boobs to begin with and excercised a lot he probably would have suggested overs. Good luck for your surgery on the 27th Do you know what you'll be getting yet?
  9. Hey eballa, Glad to hear it went well. I feel great thanks. I was also bit sore when I woke up, but it felt better once I got up n started moving around. Sleeping was horrible lol. I kept on rolling onto my side after I drifted off to sleep. I'd wake up then check i haven't popped a stitch or to make sure one boob hadn't drifted over to the other side lol. But no, besides the fact I didn't get much sleep it's all good. Yeah Dr ali was running late. I was supposed to go into surgery at 2 but was waiting around till nearly 4 but it's ok, it was very much worth the wait
  10. So I had my surgery today n it seems to have gone very well. The IV went in easy on the first try n I was asleep within a minute. I didn't even realise they were putting me to sleep already. I was talking to them then I like blinked n I was in recovery with boobs lol. I went in the operating theatre around 3.45-4pm n woke around 5.30-5.45. I was so sleepy when I woke up n felt a little bit sore but not too bad at all. Dr Ali then came in n asked how I was ect then he put the bra on me n told me to call him if there's anything. Then the nurses (who were just so sweet n wonderful) helped dress me n took me to the recovery room where they gave me some lemonade, crackers n cheese. I was a little nauseous n did a small vomit but once that was out I felt perfectly fine n ate a bit. At 6.30-6.45 I was allowed to leave hooray! So now I'm home n feeling great. I'm not really feeling any/much pain unless I really move my arms a lot or harshly n even then it's not a bad pain, it's just uncomfortable. I don't even feel like I've had surgery, yet... They gave me antibiotics n painkillers. I've taken one antibiotic but no painkillers yet. Will just take it only if/when I need it but so far the pain is very minimal n bearable. When they first put the compression bra on, it was a little hard to breathe but I think that's cuz the bra was so tight at first but it's loosened up a little n I'm feeling much better now. It's been very good experience for me so far so I just want to say to all u July ladies, don't stress, don't worry, I feel amazing right now and very soon you will to :) So how did your surgery go today? I saw ur friend that came to pick u up n I heard u talking as u were leaving but we didn't get to run into each other as I was all curtained in in the prep room But anyway, I hope ur surgery went well n you have an easy recovery
  11. Hey. I'm also booked in with Dr Ali this thurs, well tomorrow yey! They just let me know yesterday afternoon that my surgery is at 2pm. He seems like a great dr so far but let's see how surgery goes he recommended for me to get 420cc, xhp, dual plane placement as that would look full but still natural, n I was happy to go with that but said lets go the 450 instead . Im 166cm, 65kgs n about an a cup at the moment n sorta worried 450 might still be a bit small... I'm not really worried about surgery tomorrow, it's the sizing n recovery that's doing my head in!
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